No, it is not a Chinese company. It is based in Mumbai, India.

MITASHI is an online store that sells consumer goods and home appliances. Once products like TV video games were introduced, the market became well-known. Later, talking educational computers with a range of IQ features were introduced. Its product line has grown to now include things like kiddie cameras, art supplies, and hand video games. Mumbai, India is home to MITASHI, which was established there in 1998. The business recently introduced portable gaming consoles running on Android.

Why named Mitashi?


According to Mitashi co-founder Dugar, Japanese thought and work ethic had a significant influence on them, which is why they chose a name for their company that could easily be mistaken for Japanese. In 1991, Dugar and his friend Hasmukh Gada co-founded Maze Marketing. During the initial years, Dugar served as a distributor for the Japanese video game system maker Sega. He acknowledges that the outcome was transformative. Dugar sought the brand name to show how deeply the Japanese brand and culture had affected him.

In 1998, when the business began releasing its own brand of game consoles at affordable prices, Maze Marketing was rebranded Mitashi.

In 2004, DVDs and home theater systems were introduced, followed by MP3 players the following year, educational and musical toys in 2009, LED TVs in 2010, and ACs and washing machines this decade. According to Dugar, he said that they positioned it as India’s first premium value brand. Although Mitashi’s emphasis on high-end technology gave it an aspirational position, pricing the products at a competitive rate—rather than the lowest—made it accessible.

About Mitashi

The top manufacturer of electronic gadgets is Mitashi, which has its headquarters in India. Its main office is in Mumbai, the financial and commercial hub of India, which is situated on Maharashtra’s western coast. It was established in 1998 by Hasmukh Gada and Rakesh Dugar. The company, which offers a wide variety of appliances, including display units, televisions, and a good selection of video games, is a significant player in the Indian consumer electronics market.

The business is a market leader in the electronics manufacturing sector. They have also leapt into the creation of great-featured mobile phones and tablets. The most recent operating systems give tablets excellent performance and multitasking. In addition to this, the company also produces televisions, portable DVD players, speaker systems, wireless music and FM systems, boomboxes, projectors, wireless headphones, and other goods.


India-based Mitashi is a brand of consumer electronics, video games, and televisions. Back when video games were still shipped in cartridges, the company got its start in the video game console industry. One of the most prominent gamers in India was Mitashi.

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