Top 10 Biggest Fintech companies in India

India’s fintech industry has grown rapidly in recent years. This is often due to government policies. These programs help many people earn money. The process is also perfect for digitized financial transactions. Many forward-thinking companies have contributed to the growth of India’s fintech industry. In 2022, India’s fintech industry was valued at over $300 billion and is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2025. This post will cover the top 10 fintech companies in India of the year. It will include what they have done and what they have brought to the industry.

List of Largest Fintech companies in India

1. Paytm


Paytm is one in every of the largest and most vital fintech startups in India. Started with the aid of Vijayshekhar Sharma in 2010, it’s been growing ever in view that. It started out as a easy mobile phone charging and recharging website. The corporation has now grown into a massive economic company. This has changed the way Indians manage their money.

  • Production Capacity: NA
  • Sales This Year: 7,990 Cr in FY23

The concept at the back of Paytm was simple, to make it less complicated for human beings to pay and charge their telephones. In a country wherein smartphones are general, millions of human beings love this concept. Soon after, Paytm became well known and made lifestyles simpler for plenty Indians.

Paytm wanted to do more than just charge phones. The company realized that technology could transform the banking industry. Then it turned into a full-fledged fintech environment. Paytm has grown tremendously. Now you will find more options on the web. It includes mutual funds, insurance, digital wallets and online marketplaces. People can easily move from paying their bills to one-stop shopping.

2. PhonePe


PhonePe, Walmart’s Flipkart unit is a big name in the Indian banking world. PhonePe became a popular company after it was launched in 2015. That’s because it made it easier to send and receive money.

  • Production Capacity: NA
  • Sales This Year: Rs 2,914 crore in fiscal 2023

One of the reasons for PhonePe’s popularity is the wide range of services it offers. The website makes it easy to invest in mutual funds, pay bills, top up mobile phones and make UPI-based payments. Its innovative features and ease of use appealed to Indians. Users now want to make their finances simpler and more efficient.

Partnering with Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, PhonePe has a solid foundation and the tools to grow. The deal enabled PhonePe to improve its services and reach more people. It has also consolidated its position as a leading company in the Indian financial markets.

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3. Razorpay

RazorPay is main the manner as a fintech group. It specializes in making charge alternatives as easy as possible for organizations. It became an instantaneous celeb after launching in 2013. The enterprise was quick with payments for all sorts of transactions.

  • Production Capacity: NA
  • Sales This Year: NA

RazorPay has a complete variety of payment alternatives. So it’s miles simpler for companies to accept payments on-line. Its website supports multiple charge techniques consisting of credit score card, debit card, net banking and UPI.

One of the quality things about RazorPay is its monthly billing carrier. It lets in agencies to set normal, recurring prices. Customers will pay to your subscription-primarily based commercial enterprise quickly and without problems. This is an amazing plus. RazorPay helps corporations meet their financial wishes. They achieve this efficaciously via enterprise loans and compensation alternatives. RazorPay has end up popular with many groups. They want to simplify their methods. This is due to the fact the company offers a wide range of banking services.

4. PolicyBazaar

PolicyBazaar has revolutionized the Indian insurance industry. Launched in 2008, the company has transformed the Indian insurance market. It was done by providing accessible and clear online tools. That tool was perfect for buying and comparing systems.

  • Production Capacity: NA
  • Sales This Year: Rs. 2,558 crores in FY 2023

The website offers a wide range of insurance coverage, including health, life, auto and travel insurance. Consumers can check policies of different insurance companies. As a result, they can make wise decisions about benefits.

Before the launch, getting insurance in India used to be a complicated and complex process. The platform uses a digital platform. So, the buying process is obviously simple and clear. This helps customers make better choices.

5. Zerodha

Zerodha is shaking up the way people buy and trade stocks in India. The company started in 2010. Presently it has brought new ideas and technology to the Indian stock market. These ideas that have changed how people there invest.

  • Production Capacity: NA
  • Sales This Year: Rs 6,875 crore in fiscal year 2023

One of Zerodha’s groundbreaking ideas was commission-free stock trading. With this approach, a bigger range of buyers could now join the stock market. This would be different from the way brokerages have traditionally done things.

Zerodha also came up with the idea of direct mutual fund investment. This lets people buy mutual funds without paying fees to a broker. Expenses were cut while financial returns were raised as part of this project.


CRED is well known in India’s fintech scene. It’s amazing that the company has found a unique approach to credit card processing. Their money has shown them the way to responsibility. From the very beginning, Kunal Shah’s company CRED proved to be exceptional. Credit cards are known for providing users with a game-like experience. This makes it more attractive to get paid on time.

  • Production Capacity: NA
  • Sales This Year: INR 1,484 Cr in FY23

The main goal of CRED is to teach people how to use credit cards properly. To do this, it offers users a host of benefits, such as cash back, savings and quick access to basic services. People are aware of these benefits. They can pay their bills on time and keep their credit score up.

The process is more interesting because the website is structured like a game. When people pay their bills, they earn CRED Currency that can be traded for parties. This creative approach has taught users the value of on-time payments. Members were also urged to use their funds to manage liability.

Offering something unique, CRED has gained a loyal following. People love the practical benefits of using credit cards. This includes things like getting contacts for popular products and services. Thanks to a tremendous amount of dedication, CRED has been able to offer more content and gain more users.

CRED as a form of credit card dates. The company has entered the financial products market. This is because he sees an opportunity to improve his customers’ experience. People can now access savings and personal loans through the CRED app. This intelligent approach makes CRED a complete fintech tool that can meet a wide range of financial needs.

7. Upstox

Uptox has a reliable and feature-rich platform. The company has therefore made great strides in online stock trading and investing in the Indian market. Upstocks was started by Ravi and Raghukumar in 2011. It has grown tremendously due to modern trading tools and low stock prices.

  • Production Capacity: NA
  • Sales This Year: Rs 1,000 crore operating revenue during the last financial year

The reason for Upstox’s popularity is that its trading system is easy to use for both new and experienced users. The tool makes shopping easy. This gives you access to many markets, such as currencies, commodities, stocks and swaps. Investors can easily manage their investments and place orders on various trades.

Upstocks stand out for a number of reasons, one of which is its relatively low trading costs. Investors and traders have taken notice of the company. This is because it promises to provide professional solutions at reasonable prices. As a result, it gained many new users. By reducing transaction costs, Upstocks made banking easier for ordinary people.

8. MobiKwik

The MobiKwik platform makes it clean for people to shop on-line, pay their bills, and pinnacle up their phones. These are normal sports. But MobiKwik additionally offers loans and coverage goods to assist its customers make extra money. The website makes it less difficult for people to get non-public loans. The equal can be stated for the credit score playing cards, and insurance regulations. All of those meets their economic wishes.

  • Production Capacity: NA
  • Sales This Year: consolidated profit of Rs 5 crore in the September 2023 quarter

MobiKwik’s wide attraction may additionally come from its dedication to making digital transfers better. The website is easy to get to and use, which makes it a great choice for people who need to interchange from cash to digital payments. This suits with what the Indian government is doing. They inspire human beings to use banks and the virtual market.

9. BharatPe

BharatPay has absolutely been a force for exchange in the fintech enterprise. They specialize in small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). BharatPe was based in 2018. Its proprietors are Ashneer Grover and Shaswat Nakrani. The employer has completely changed how agencies view digital payments.

  • Production Capacity: NA
  • Sales This Year: around Rs 200 crores till the month of August 2023

As a part of their advent procedure, Bharatpay affords sellers with QR codes. These QR codes can be used to system bills from various assets, including digital wallets, cards and UPI. So there is no need for more than one QR codes. This method makes charge acceptance less complicated for carriers.

The platform is a beneficial useful resource for SMBs. They are nicely conscious that they are looking for green fee solutions. True because it facilitates fee attractiveness and reconciliation. Retailers are actually adopting BharatPay’s standardized QR code. Thus, alternate has mounted itself as a key participant in the Indian economy.

10. Perfios

Leading SaaS B2B FinTech firm Perfios envisions real-time data-driven financial choices. Perfios uses cutting-edge AI and ML to help multinational financial institutions make data-driven decisions. They help over 900 banks and financial institutions handle insurance claims in real time, make credit decisions, and manage fraud using AI. Thus, these solutions aid other Indian FinTech companies.

  • Production Capacity: NA
  • Sales This Year: NA


India’s fintech exchange is starting up, and those ten businesses are on the front of it. They are making huge changes. The alterations are for financial services are provided throughout India. This will significantly help era and financial equality. The fintech scene in India is developing. So these agencies could have a fair bigger impact on how cash is treated there.

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