No, Zebronics is not a Chinese company. It is an Indian Company, based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. Zebronics is a brand of Indian audio, healthcare, IT & gaming peripherals, power solutions, mobile/lifestyle accessories, and surveillance solutions. It was founded in Chennai (India) in 1997 with the goal of providing products that are excellent in both form and function yet so affordable that every family in the nation can afford them. Zebronics’ EQR (Excellence, Quality and Reliability) is displayed all through its wide selection of computer peripherals and gadgetry for the home.

The Brand Uniqueness



Zebronics has received multiple industry honors over the years, topping 110+ accolades in the most recent few years, including The Economic Times’ Best Tech Emerging LED TV, Music Accessories, and Surveillance Product Brand 2015 awards.

R&D centre

An internal research and development division at Zebronics keeps track of the most recent advancements in technology and innovation to identify goods and services that are more fit for the market. Assuring the quality of our goods and services via ongoing, radical thought, having dealers believe in our brand, and having a committed team have all contributed to our ongoing success.

Company Mission

The company aims has always been to keep up with the market. Zebronics is proud of their accomplishments and ever growing in efficient like any other top-tier businesses. Zebronics is dedicated to providing the cutting-edge solutions that our customers demand, creating the foundation for long-term expansion, moving forward, and remaining “Always Ahead”.

Current Zebronics

Zebronics currently employs over 1,100 individuals in India across 31 Offices and 128 plus Zeb Cares. The offices are supported by a strong network of dealers, integrators and resellers which adds to the retail presence that includes more than 50,000 sites across the entire country. Consumers as well as the channel network are supported by the Zeb Care (service centers).

Summarized Table

Is Zebronics a Chinese Company? No, Zebronics is not a Chinese company.
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Industry Electronics manufacturing (audio, IT peripherals, and accessories)
Founded 1997
Key Products Audio equipment, computer peripherals, mobile accessories, and more
Market Presence Zebronics primarily focuses on the Indian market but also exports to other countries
Commitment to Quality Known for offering affordable and reliable electronic products
Customer Base Serves consumers and businesses in India and other countries
Innovation Offers a range of products with modern features and technology
Manufacturing Locations Zebronics may manufacture some of its products in India and other locations
Online Presence Products are available through various online and offline retail channels


The answer is No, Zebronics is not a Chinese company. It is an India-based business. It is dedicated to giving its clients top-notch goods and services and was formed and has its corporate office in India. It is headquartered in Chennai in India.

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