No, VU is not a Chinese company. Devita Saraf, an entrepreneur from India, launched VU Televisions in the US in 2006. It produces LED TVs and displays. It ranks in the top 10 best-selling TV brands on Indian e-commerce sites.

The components for VU Televisions are sourced from Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea in addition to China, where they are manufactured. Yet, India is where the televisions’ research and design are carried out.

Therefore, it is difficult to answer the question “Is VU a Chinese company?” The answer depends on your definition of a “Chinese company.” VU is not a Chinese corporation, when ownership is your standard. VU is a Chinese corporation, though, when you define it depending on where the manufacturing takes place.

It is essentially up to each person to decide whether they view VU as a Chinese business. There is no correct or incorrect response.


About VU

VU is produced in China; thus, some individuals can prefer to think of it as a Chinese business. Because VU is owned by an Indian firm and its design and research are carried out in India, some people might decide to categorize it as an Indian business.

It is crucial to remember that there is nothing improper with products made in China. China produces a lot of high-quality goods. Yet, some consumers can decide not to purchase goods made in China due to moral or political considerations.

It is crucial to conduct your own study before deciding on whether you are okay with the fact that a VU television is made in China when you are thinking about purchasing one.

What lies in store for VU Televisions in the future?

VU Televisions has the potential to grow even more in the following years. The Indian TV market is expected to grow fast in the future years, and VU Televisions is in a good position to profit from this growth.

Wide viewing angles, superb picture clarity, and rich audio are all hallmarks of VU televisions. The company’s smart TVs also have a range of capabilities, including built-in streaming apps, voice control, and smart networking.

Customers of VU Televisions have access to a variety of post-purchase services. The business has a devoted customer service team on hand to respond to inquiries and help. All the goods from VU Televisions come with a one-year warranty as well.

Summarized Table

Is VU a Chinese Company? No, VU is not a Chinese company.
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Industry Consumer electronics, primarily TVs and audio equipment
Founding Year 2006
Key Products Televisions, soundbars, and related audio-visual equipment
Market Presence VU primarily focuses on the Indian market, but its products are available in other countries as well
Commitment to Quality Known for offering high-quality TVs at competitive prices
Manufacturing Locations VU manufactures some of its products in India
Retail Presence Products are available through various online and offline retail channels in India
Innovation Continuously introduces new technologies and features in its products
Awards and Recognition VU has received several awards for its TVs and consumer electronics


Indian entrepreneur Devita Saraf established the Indian brand VU Televisions in the US in 2006. In addition to having a production site in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, the company has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. However, VU Televisions produces its goods in China while also sourcing its component parts from Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. So, to answer your question, VU Televisions does produce its goods in China, but it is not a Chinese corporation.

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