Logitech is not a Chinese business, no. It is a multinational company based in Lausanne, Switzerland that produces software and computer accessories. One of the top producers of input and interface devices for personal computers (PCs) and other digital products, the company has operations across Europe, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas.

Since 1995, Logitech has served as a publicly traded company on the Swiss Stock Exchange ever since it was established in Switzerland in 1981. Additionally, the business trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker LOGI.

Although Logitech’s products are made in China, the company’s worldwide management team and headquarters are in Switzerland. In addition, Logitech has sizable R&D operations in Europe, Asia, and the United States.


Logitech’s manufacturing in China

Although Logitech produces its products in many different countries throughout the world, its main manufacturing base is in China. The business has a sizable production plant in Suzhou, China, wherein it makes a variety of goods, including speakers, headsets, cameras, and computer mouse and keyboards.

Additionally, several of Logitech’s goods are made in China by contract manufacturing partners. No matter where the goods are made, Logitech upholds high quality control standards for each one of them.

Logitech’s commitment to Switzerland

Despite having factories in China, Logitech is nonetheless dedicated to its Swiss roots. The company’s global headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland, and most of its board of directors are Swiss nationals. Additionally, Logitech is very dedicated to social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Here are some specific examples of Logitech’s social responsibility and environmental initiatives:

  • By 2021 and 2030, respectively, Logitech plans to become carbon neutral and climate-positive. Since 2018, the corporation has already cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.
  • The environment and equality are two of Logitech’s core beliefs, and they worked hard to make sure they guide all we do. By rethinking their business practices, they may enrich the lives and futures of others by utilizing the talents and goods that their employees and their organization have to offer.
  • Their giving culture is fundamentally built upon empowering their employees to strengthen their bonds with their local communities.
  • They urge their employees to give back to the communities where they live and work, whether it is via paid volunteer time off or their donations-matching program. Logitech is a company that is truly committed to making a positive impact on the world.
  • Logitech collaborated with ForestNation, a group that assists businesses and people in reforesting the earth. For each employee who went for a walk, they planted a tree in Tanzania’s Logitech Forest.

Summarized Table

Is Logitech a Chinese Company? No, Logitech is not a Chinese company.
Headquarters Lausanne, Switzerland (administrative headquarters); Newark, California, United States (operational headquarters)
Industry Computer peripherals and software
Founded 1981 (in Apples, Switzerland)
Key Products Keyboards, mice, webcams, headphones, gaming peripherals, and more
Global Presence Logitech operates globally and is a well-known brand in the computer accessory industry
Notable Brands Logitech, Logitech G (for gaming peripherals), Blue Microphones (owned by Logitech)
Innovation Known for innovative designs and technology integration in its products
Sustainability Efforts Committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact
Manufacturing Locations Logitech has manufacturing facilities worldwide, including in China and other countries
Market Focus Consumer and business markets for computer accessories and peripherals


The Swiss corporation Logitech has operations all around the world. Although the company’s worldwide management team and headquarters are located in Switzerland, its products are manufactured in China. In addition to upholding social responsibility and environmental sustainability, Logitech is dedicated to its Swiss history.

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