No, Lifelong is not a Chinese company. Manufacturer of household goods and consumer durables with the goal of getting their products into homes and workplaces all over India. Customers may obtain appliances that meet their needs and expectations thanks to the company’s portfolio of products, which also includes kitchen appliances, washing machines, and electronic fitness equipment.

Lifelong is an Indian firm that generates and markets kitchen and home equipment. The headquarters are in Haridwar of Uttarakhand state in India. This company was launched by Bhanu Agarwal and Rahul Agarwal in the year 2015. There are over 5 million clients all through the nation. Lifelong company has grown into top and popular brand of consumer durable within India.

Lifelong products are popular in excellence, accessibility, and cutting-edge technologies. This is a company that sells different goods like washing machines, air conditioner, kitchen appliances, air purifiers and other range of goods.

Most components are provided by Indian suppliers and are manufactured in India. This company has 6 captive plants within India. It also has other vendor contracts with whom they manufacture a portion of products.

Lifelong is Chinese company or Not?


Lifelong is not a Chinese business, though. The business was established in India in 2015. Because Lifelong offers some goods that are made in China, there is a widespread misperception that it is a Chinese company. It is noteworthy that many Indian businesses manufacture their goods in China owing to the cheaper labor costs should be noted. This does not necessarily imply that these businesses are Chinese businesses.

Being a proudly Indian brand, Lifelong is dedicated to assisting the Indian economy. The business has made significant investments in manufacturing facilities in India and purchases most of its components from Indian vendors.

The success of Lifelong is partly a result of its emphasis on innovation. A group of engineers at the business are always creating new goods and enhancing existing ones. As an illustration, Lifelong was among the first businesses to introduce a smart air cooler in India.

The Influence of Lifelong in India

Lifelong is dedicated to keeping its products in reach of people in India. The organization places a high priority on cost reduction and efficiency.

Lifelong company is in a good spot to get good advantage of its increasing need of products. This company is known for its huge goods selection and it places a good emphasis on innovation and affordability. In addition, they invest plenty of money to get to high reach of Indian market. It is developing and expanding its presence. It is also opening a number of new outlets.

Summarized Table

Is Lifelong a Chinese Company? No, Lifelong is not a Chinese company.
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Industry Home and kitchen appliances
Founded 2015
Key Products Home and kitchen appliances, such as mixer grinders, air coolers, fans, and more
Market Presence Primarily in India, with a focus on the Indian market
Commitment to Quality Known for offering affordable and reliable home appliances
Customer Base Serves consumers in India through various retail channels
Innovation Offers a range of products with modern features and technology
Manufacturing Locations Lifelong may manufacture some of its products in India and other locations
Online Presence Sells products through its website and various e-commerce platforms

Top of Form


Lifelong produces and markets kitchen and home equipment. It has its main office in Haridwar in Uttarakhand. So, the answer is No, Lifelong is not a Chinese company. It is an Indian firm.

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