Top 10+ Successful Side Business Ideas in India

Let’s say you are a student, or maybe you are a working professional, but you want to do something productive or profitable with your free time, right? Well, that’s what the whole concept is behind those side hustle things, you know? And since you have clicked on this post, you must be looking for some ways that don’t take too much of your time, which you can do for the long term and make a good income on the side, that’s why we are here with a list of the top 10+ successful side business ideas in India for 2024. Alright, let’s cut the intro thing right here and get to the actual stuff now, shall we?

List of Best Side Business Ideas in India

1. Dropshipping


So, have you ever thought about owning an online store where stocking up products is a thing of the past? Well, that’s exactly what dropshipping is all about! Here’s how it works you see: You set up this cool online storefront, right? Now, whenever a customer hits the order button, you’re not scrambling. Nope, you simply buy the product from a supplier who then, wait for it, ships it directly to the customer. Yeah, that’s right, no mess of storing, no headache of managing inventory. This is hands down a brilliant way to dive into the online business world, slashing risks and investments big time.

2. Virtual Event Planning

Okay, so the world’s zooming into the digital era, and guess what’s catching on? Virtual event planning! As the mastermind behind virtual events, think of webinars, online workshops, or even epic virtual bashes, all from the comfort of your laptop. You need a knack for nailing details and chit-chatting with clients and party-goers. If you’ve got a thing for orchestrating events and you’re a bit of a tech pro, this one’s your calling.

3. Online Tutoring

Got a talent in a specific area? Why not spread the knowledge and fill your pockets too? Online tutoring’s all about reaching eager learners across the globe, right from your cozy corner at home. Fire up those video calls and dive into teaching math, science, languages, or hey, even strumming the guitar. This gig’s perfect if teaching’s your jam and you’re after a schedule that bends with your life.

4. Photography and Videography

Now, if you’re someone who’s really good at capturing moments and a camera that’s just sitting around, think about kicking off a side hustle in photography and videography. Imagine this, you’re at a wedding, capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments, or you’re creating mind-blowing content for businesses. And hey, why not make some extra cash by selling your snaps on platforms like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock?

5. Freelance Writing and Content Creation

Alright, for all you word wizards and storytelling enthusiasts out there, freelance writing and content creation might just be your golden ticket. Whether it’s penning down articles, coming up with engaging blog posts or crafting catchy social media content for various clients, the world’s your oyster. And it’s not just about writing; content creation is a whole other ball game. You could be whipping up must-watch videos or eye-catching graphics. If you’ve got a flair for words or a heart for creating content that makes people stop and stare, then, my friend, you’re staring right at your next big gig.

6. Social Media Management

Let’s face it, in this era where digital presence is everything, businesses are scrambling to make their mark on social media. And that’s where you come in as a social media manager. Picture yourself crafting killer content, posting it across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aka X, and then watching as people engage with it. Your job? Keep those posts coming, keep the audience hooked, and keep an eye on what’s hot and what’s not.

7. Podcasting

In India, you might have seen the rise of podcasts in the last, let’s say 4 or 5 years or so, right? That’s because now people in India are starting to realize how podcasts can be beneficial for consuming information on the go without needing to stare too long at your smartphone screen or even a book for that matter. And if you have something to offer to the crowd in India that loves podcasts, then you can start your own, all you need is just a good microphone and decent editing software, that’s all. And yeah, with this whole podcasting thing, you can really get creative with the topic, the style, and things like that, you know, to make your podcast stand out.

8. Web Design and Development

You see, the demand for web designers and developers is always going to be there, even after 10-15 years. But why exactly? Well, first of all, every business needs to stand out, and it’s like a norm these days to have a website, that’s a must. And that is precisely where you can make profits, and yeah, you don’t need to do it full-time either. Sure, you must learn how to design or develop a website, that’s the techy part, but you do that by just going online and consuming the how-to content about web design and development.

9. Graphic Design Services

Now, let’s say when scrolling through social media, or just walking around in your city, you see cool posters, posts online, or anything like that, which grab your attention in an instant because of a good design. How often has that happened to you? Well, the thing is, if you wanna create that thing on your own, like logos, posters, graphic art, or anything like that, then you just need a device, learn design software and you are pretty much good to go. You won’t even believe how much you can earn by selling those designs of yours to clients, and you can even put those designs on some products and sell them.

10. Affiliate Marketing

We purposely put this one at such a low rank on our today’s post, and it has nothing to do with the quality of this gig. Nah! We know that many of you must have heard of affiliate marketing like a billion times, and many people when searching for side gigs or make money online ways, just click off the post when they see affiliate marketing on the list. We understand that, but you gotta listen to us this time. You see, affiliate marketing is like a thing where you create a following and then suggest products with your own affiliate link, and once your follower or your listeners buys those products, you make a commission. Simple as that. But yeah, there are so many creative ways to do affiliate marketing, in some ways, you don’t even need to create a following of your own. So yeah, for that, you may wanna dig a little deeper on your own.

11. Handmade Crafts and Products

Now here is a wild thing that happened a few years ago. You see, some people were selling those Indian beds, which we call here “Charpai.” And guess how much they were selling a single of those for? That was around 1 to 2 lakh rupees. Yeah, we know, you must be like: who would buy a Charpai at such a high price, right? But the thing is, those Indian sellers were selling it to other marketplaces like the USA, Canada, etc. They were using platforms like Etsy and eBay, to sell these online to foreign audiences. And yeah, you can do the same, not with the same products, but if you make some handcrafted products, then you are pretty much good to go.

12. Virtual Assistance

One of the simplest side gigs that you can do right from India and make decent money with will be being a virtual assistant for someone. Now, many of you would say that you don’t speak the English language, and you can’t work as a virtual assistant for a foreign client. But who said you can only be a virtual assistant to someone from the USA or Canada? There are so many people right here in India who require a virtual assistant, they just want someone who can handle their repetitive and common tasks. So yeah, go online and start searching for a virtual assistant job on a freelance platform, and you’ll be able to shortlist a bunch of those in just an hour or so. And from there, you can apply for whichever suits your schedule or skill set.

13. Language Translation Services

Lastly, we’d like to talk about translation services, you know where you translate for someone in real time. It could be for a meeting, some business talks, or anything like that. If you know two or more languages, you are pretty much eligible for it. Again, you can find this type of gig on freelance job platforms pretty easily.


That’s all. Now, we advise you to try out at least a few of these side businesses or gigs and stick to what works for you and what you find interesting or profitable. Alright then, we’ll see you in the next one.

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