Top 10+ Best Zero Investment Businesses Online in India

We all wish to be our own boss. However, certain factors can restrict you. One of them is the availability of capital investment. At a time of such high inflation, it becomes difficult to save money to invest in a business. We strongly believe that it is very important to have multiple sources of income, which is why we have compiled this page for you. After a lot of research and analysis, we decided to list the top zero-investment businesses in India that you can run online. These are primarily service-oriented businesses since you won’t have to invest in inventory or stock.

In addition, zero investment ideas can help you limit your risk factor. Here, the biggest investment is your time. You can use your skillsets to opt for these plans and earn handsome returns. You can further invest this money as per your liking. Having this as a secondary source of income can help you meet expenses or reach closer to your dreams. If you are already working, there are some zero-investment business ideas where you would need to dedicate a few hours daily. One thing to note before we move forward is that it is important to have a laptop and a working internet connection for most of the ideas listed in the next section.

List of Best Zero Investment Businesses Online

In this section, we have listed the best zero-investment business ideas. You can start pursuing them from today itself and opt for the business idea that matches your skillset. So, without wasting any time, let us go through the list and find the available options.

1. Blogging & Vlogging


One of the most popular options is making YouTube videos or blogging. In both cases, you don’t need any significant investment. For blogging, a computer is enough, and you can also start vlogging with your smartphone. The primary source of revenue would be the creator incentives, affiliate programs and advertisement revenue. You can pick a topic and make that your speciality. For example, if you are fond of cooking, you can start a YouTube channel or a blog about cooking. Time is the only investment here. The returns are slow when building your audience, but the returns can skyrocket once you have a fixed audience.

2. Online Classes

Online Classes

The next option that you have is online tutoring. This is only possible if you have a speciality in any subject. You can start with simple subjects like English and science. You can even pick complicated subjects like statistics and economics. There are many online platforms which offer you money for online classes. You can even build your offline courses. In addition, there are websites which give you money for solving questions. That website can help you make good money regularly. This is certainly one option that you should explore.

3. Graphic Designing

If you love creative jobs and have a system with good configuration, you can also try your hand at graphics designing. Here, you can create t-shirts, logos, pages and much more. The freelancing space is full of graphic design assignments. You can even try your hand at animated videos. These options are easy to try, and they can fetch good returns as well. Once you have a client base, you will not run out of assignments. If you have an iPad with an Apple Pencil, then you have an edge in the game since these gadgets are very advanced when it comes to graphic designing.

4. Freelancing

If you wish to try your hand in the service industry, you can also opt for freelancing assignments. You can find freelancing work for almost every skill set. If you want something simple, start by trying a data entry job. If you want something complex, try data analytics or coding assignments. You can be your boss; we know people who have left their jobs for freelancing. This allows them to work on their terms and eliminate any brokerage. Ghostwriting is another popular domain in freelancing.

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5. Resume Writing

Professional resume writing is a real job, and these professionals can even charge over Rs 1000 for creating a resume for you. If you are good with English, you can try your hand at resume writing. You can explore creative formats and help your clients find a job. Initially, you would have to work a little to prepare resumes, but once you are into it, you will understand the market trends and be able to make big out of resume writing services. You can offer services through social media platforms, freelancing websites and job portals.

6. Day Care Services

If you love kids, you can also start using your home as a daycare service. You can offer your services to the parents who are working. This business is quite demanding, and you would have to look after kids with great care. In addition, you can hire some of the helping staff who can take care of cleaning and the kids. In addition, invest in some toys, books and colours. The key to success in the daycare business is love, care and cleanliness. This is one of the high-paying jobs you will find in the market.

7. Digital Marketing

Another popular choice is digital marketing. You can probably couple it with SEO and help your clients market their products. The core responsibility here is to make the product or service popular on social media and OTT platforms. You can even run marketing campaigns, and this business yields amazing returns for you. In addition, there is no such investment required when you opt for this business idea. The only thing that you need is a creative mindset and dedication. You can find digital market assignments on some freelancing websites, which can be a good start for you.

8. Virtual Assistant Services

Another popular line of business you will find online is virtual assistant services. Here, you are helping someone manage their business and day-to-day activities online. If you have good time management skills, then this is one idea that you should try. With the help of some domain knowledge, you can perform well in this field. In addition, if you are multi-lingual, you have an advantage over here. Here, you can find a couple of clients, which would be enough for the rest of the year. There is no investment required in this business.

9. Website Designing & Maintenance

One of the high-earning skills that you can acquire is website designing. You can then start a business out of it. You can even create your website and market it to the people. You can even learn some of the coding languages to come up with a proper design. In addition, you have options to try HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other website builders. You can even find website maintenance assignments and charge your clients a subscription fee. This will help you establish a steady line of revenue for yourself.

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10. Consultation Services

The last option that we can recommend is the consultation services. Here, you must have specific domain knowledge, and you should know in and out of the domain. For example, you can start consultation services in education, finance or even real estate. You can offer consultation through phone and video calls. Most of the consultants charge money on an hourly basis, and the charges can be high. You can even start an astro-consultation if you have any idea about astrology. There are endless domains that you have for consultation services, and it can be a good start if you have a strong social media profile.

11. Dropshipping

Operating an online store without holding inventory by partnering with suppliers who fulfill orders directly to customers can be a low-cost way to start an e-commerce business.

12. Affiliate Marketing

Promoting other companies’ products and earning a commission for each sale made through your referral link can be a zero-investment way to earn money online.

How Can I Acquire New Skills?

Sometimes you want to invest in yourself to learn new skills. For example, you could learn a coding language or website design. It is always a good idea to invest money in yourself so that you can fetch better returns. Learning niche skills can help you crack better opportunities in the market. If you wish to acquire new skills, you can use digital resources. Today, almost everything is available on YouTube. There are many channels and creators which will help you learn a particular skill. If you don’t want to do this, you can also enrol in online courses. These are pre-recorded courses, and they are available for as low as Rs 500. So, without waiting any further, start your journey and be your boss.

Final Take

This was all for today, and we are sure you would have found these points helpful. These options are great when it comes to making a small start in your business. In addition, we are sure that the risk is low enough and it is worth taking this risk. Eventually, you can expand your skillset. You can hire some freelancers if you want to enhance the scope of your work or if you can get some big clients for yourself. If you have any questions regarding the zero investment business ideas, please feel free to contact us via the comment section.

People Also Ask [FAQs]

  1. What Exactly Is A Zero-Investment Business?

Ans: Have you ever heard of a business where you don’t have to drop a bunch of cash at the start? That’s a zero-investment business for you. It’s all about using those cool digital tools and platforms we have today and leaning into your personal skills. Think along the lines of online tutoring, penning down your thoughts in a blog, or freelancing.

  1. What Are The Challenges Of Starting A Zero-Investment Business Online In India?

Ans: Well yeah, there are some hiccups along the way. You might bump into issues like not everyone being tech-savvy, a crowd of competitors, tricky regulations, the ever-changing world of online payments, and oh, making people (aka customers or clients) trust you online. But that’s all part of the game.

  1. Can I Earn In Lakhs From Blogging?

Ans: Want to earn in lakhs just by blogging? Well, it’s not impossible! It’s all about keeping at it, sharing some top-notch content, and being smart with how you make money from it. There’s a bunch of Indian bloggers who’ve made it big, so why can’t you?

  1. Can I Sell Graphic Design Online?

Ans: If you have that designer’s eye and you know a design software or two, then yeah, you can totally sell your designs online! Places like Behance, Dribbble, and Fiverr are great spots to strut your stuff and pull in some clients. And don’t forget to use social media and your own website to boost your game even more.

  1. Can I Be A Freelancer With No Experience?

Ans: While it might seem like a wild ride at first, it’s totally possible. Begin by creating an incredible portfolio, even if it means doing some gigs for free in the start. And yeah, why not amp up those skills of yours with online courses? It can give you a solid boost on freelancing platforms.

  1. Can I Learn Digital Marketing On Youtube?

Ans: Absolutely! YouTube is jam-packed with digital marketing gurus spilling their secrets. Dive into those tutorials and courses! But for the full 360 view, pairing YouTube with some structured courses can be a real game-changer.

  1. How Has AI Made It Much Easier To Start An Online Business With Zero Investment?

Ans: Nowadays you see AI-driven chatbots handling customer queries, smart analytics giving you insights, helping you create content, beefing up online security, and taking the grind out of everyday tasks. All of this AI magic? It’s cutting down costs and giving businesses a cool edge. So yeah, AI is pretty helpful for those who don’t have a ton of money to hire a team or invest in a bunch of tools at first.

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