17 Business Ideas Under 2 Lakhs Rs. Investment in India

There is no offline business idea that requires absolute zero rupees in investment which can generate you steady income in the long run. If you want to start a business from scratch, you must invest your time and money into it to make it successful. And no one can’t deny the fact that having a decent investment does help a lot to boost business growth in the initial days. And in our opinion, a 2 lakh rupee investment is quite decent actually.

If you have two lakh rupees to invest a small business in India but which is the best business under 2 lakh is making you confused then today’s post is all about you. Here we will be going over 15+ low budget business ideas under 2 lakh rupees in India. If you were looking for just that, then we’d advise you to keep on reading to know what business you can start with 2 lakh rupees in an urban area or in a village.

List of  Business Ideas With 2 Lakh Rs. Investment

1. Cybercafe


India is riding a big wave of internet usage, but not everyone’s surfing from the comfort of their own homes. Therefore we recommend considering the cybercafe business idea. A cybercafe is actually like your one-stop shop for net access, catering to everyone from professionals hustling on their next big thing to gamers looking for their next big win. And with just 2 lakh rupees, you can start your very own cyber-hub! We’re talking computers, WiFi, chairs and tables, the whole shebang. Not only that, you can crank up your earnings with side hustles like printing, scanning, and even selling stationery or snacks. Play around with pricing, maybe offer student discounts or bulk deals, and boom! You’ve got a cash cow on your hands.

2. Bakery Store

The bakery business in India is heating up like a fresh loaf of bread, thanks to changing tastes, city life, and more money in people’s pockets. So why not grab a slice of that doughy profit? With a 2 lakh rupee investment, you can set up your own bakery, offering anything from bread to pastries. And here’s the best part, bakery products often bring in big bucks. Keep your costs low and prices competitive, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. Your only job is to give people a taste of quality through your backed food items and it is a sure thing that your customers will keep coming back for more. What’s more, serving a local market lets you connect with your community, making your bakery the heart of the neighborhood.

3. Equipment Rental Services

In your opinion, tell us why anyone would go for new equipment when they can rent it for a fraction of the cost. With an investment of 2 lakh rupees, you can be the one renting out to the growing Indian economy. We’re talking construction gear, event stuff, farming tools, you name it! The cool thing about renting is you avoid the high costs and depreciation that come with owning. On top of that, your gear retains its value and can be rented out again and again. More and more people are catching onto this renting trend, so why not ride that wave?

4. Second-Hand Bike Selling

India’s a motorbike madhouse, with countless folks relying on two wheels to get around. This means preloved bikes are always in high demand, making them a pretty sweet business opportunity. You won’t need a truckload of cash to get started, for about 2 lakh rupees you can get a decent bunch of used bikes to sell. Find them cheap, sell them for more, simple as that! And there’s no limit to how you run your business. Got a small shop? Great! Prefer to sell online? Even better. Plus, with a bit of savvy marketing and some basic repair know-how, you can polish up your bikes to make them even more attractive to potential buyers. You could also get into bike repairs, customization, or even accessories if you want.

5. Mobile Repairing

With the smartphone market booming in India, there’s always going to be a need for repair services. If you have got about 2 lakh rupees to spare then you’re pretty much set to open a basic repair shop, buy your tools, and stock up on parts. If you can offer top-notch repair services, you’ll have customers coming back and even referring others to you. And to boost your income even further, you could also sell mobile accessories like spare parts, screen protectors, and phone cases. In that way, if some months there is less foot traffic in your shop, you can make a decent living by combining this extracted income.

6. Taxi Services

In India, taxis are as essential as chai and samosas, thanks to urbanization, more disposable income, and lifestyle changes. And with the rise of apps like Uber and Ola, the traditional auto-rickshaw just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you have got a decent vehicle and about 2 lakh rupees then you are already off to a good start for this particular business idea. Aside from driving people around, there’s always extra cash to be made from airport runs, corporate bookings, outstation trips, and even package deliveries.

7. Digital Marketing Agency

The internet is taking over India, and businesses are literally craving to make their mark online. This is where digital marketing agencies come in. With about 2 lakh rupees, you can start your own agency, get an office, buy some computers, and invest in the software you’ll need. The beauty of this business is its scalability, as you get more clients, you can grow your team and resources. Plus, there are no physical products or inventories to manage. You can offer a buffet of services, from social media marketing to SEO, PPC advertising, and email marketing. And as you get more experienced, you can charge more for your services and establish a stable income.

8. Small Scale Manufacturing Business

It is actually true that you don’t need a whole lot of money to start a manufacturing business, especially in India. With 2 lakh rupees, you can set up a small operation, buy the necessary machines, and cover your initial expenses. People in India are all for supporting local businesses, which means there’s a huge market for locally-made goods. Plus, the government’s got your back, with various schemes and loans to support small manufacturing businesses. Even if you start small, you can gradually scale up as you make more money.

9. Take Away Restaurant

Ever thought of starting your own food joint but got a bit jittery about the capital involved? Well, a takeaway eatery could be your calling. You can set up a decent place with all the necessary kitchen tools and initial stock just for 2 lakh rupees. Thanks to the breakneck speed of today’s world, people adore quick, tasty, and easy-to-carry meals. And that’s what you provide! From busy professionals, and students burning the midnight oil, to families juggling numerous tasks, everyone loves a good takeaway. All you need to do is whip up a menu that tickles everyone’s taste buds. In this business model, fewer staff members are needed, so labor costs are down too.

10. Packers and Movers Business

Given the sheer number of people in India and their need to move for reasons ranging from work to weddings, a packers and movers venture can be a smart bet. While competition exists, there’s plenty of untapped potential in this sector. With an investment of 2 lakh rupees, you can kickstart your venture with the necessary equipment and a small office. As you grow, you can increase your staff, get more vehicles, and spread your wings to other cities.

11. Grocery Shop

There’s no denying that everyone needs groceries. So, why not tap into this evergreen market with a neighborhood grocery store? It’s recession-proof, and customer traffic stays steady all year round. Unlike huge supermarkets or e-commerce platforms, your store can foster a warm, local vibe and build solid customer relationships. The operational costs aren’t too high either. Rent, utilities, inventory, and staffing make up most of the expenses. Efficient management of these costs can lead to healthy profit margins. As your store becomes a hit, consider expansion – maybe start an online delivery service or bring in specialty products.

12. Clothing Store

India’s vast population is a goldmine for the clothing industry. The demand is evergreen, and with India’s fashion scene moving towards branded and designer clothing, there’s a whole spectrum of customers you can cater to. Being home to a diverse textile industry, you can source clothing materials at competitive rates, boosting your profit margin. With a 2 lakh rupee seed fund, you can start small, catering to a specific niche to understand the market better.

13. Education and Training Business

With just 2 lakh rupees, you can start a small coaching center, a tutoring service, or an online platform. The beauty of this venture is that your potential audience is vast. You can focus on school or college students, competitive exam prep, language training, professional skill development, or even unique niches like art, music, or sports coaching. There’s a lot of government support too, from financial assistance to tax benefits, making it easier to get your educational venture off the ground.

14. Home Cleaning Services

Starting a home cleaning services business can be a profitable venture in india because it’s relatively low-cost to launch. You just need few cleaning equipments that you can buy easily within 2 lakh rs. budget. A home cleaning services business provides professional cleaning solutions for residential spaces.

15. Salon Shop

You can also start a salon shop business in India with a 2 lakh rupee budget. It requires careful planning. Secure a small, cost-effective space in a high-traffic area. Prioritize essential equipment and supplies, focusing on second-hand options or bulk discounts. Keep decor minimalistic and elegant. Initially, manage operations yourself to save on labor costs. Maintaining good cleaning and hygiene will attract more customers. Offer basic services like haircuts and styling, expanding as demand grows.

16. Street Food Cart

street-food cart

Starting a street food cart business in India can be a promising venture given the country’s rich culinary diversity and the popularity of street food culture. You can sell popular street food items like chaat, samosas, or momos from a mobile cart. This is a low-cost way to enter the food business.

17. Tailoring with boutique shop

If you have a good eye for fashion, you can start a small clothing boutique. Combining a tailoring service with a boutique shop an offer a unique value proposition. with this you can povide customers both customized tailoring services and a curated selection of ready-to-wear clothing accessories. You can also sell clothes that you source yourself or partner with a wholesaler.


That’ll do it. In our thorough analysis of dozens of business ideas, we found these the most profitable and practical. If you put in your investment, time and effort in one of these business ideas, you are bound to be successful in the long run.

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