14 Good Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs Rs. in India

10 lakh rupees is really a big amount in India, and if you have this much money to spare on a good business idea then you are already off to a good start. As you may already know, some business ideas aren’t possible to pull off because people don’t have enough money, to begin with. And that is why initial investment matters a lot. In our opinion, 10 lakh rupees is really a great start to give a big push to your business in the beginning which certainly increases your chances of success and bigger profits. But keep in mind, it is not just the investment side of things that matters, having a practical business idea with a proper execution plan is something you should also pay attention to. You also must think where you are going to start this business in a city or a village because compared to urban customers rural area customers expense less.

And that is where our today’s post comes into play, here we will be going over the 10+ high impact business ideas under 10 lakh rupees in India. We will be sharing different types of business ideas from different sectors or parts of the Indian market, so everyone can check out this list and cherry-pick a few of the best ideas for further consideration. So let’s get down to the list then. Shall we?

List of Business Ideas With 10 Lakh Investment

1. Dine-In Restaurant


Celebrating special occasions or simply craving some mouth-watering food, Indians love dining out. And here’s where you come in: set up a cozy dine-in restaurant! With India’s vast cultural diversity, you’ve got a foodie’s paradise on your plate. Mix and match regional and international flavors to satisfy the diverse palate of your customers. With an initial budget of 10 lakh rupees, start small, focusing on a unique cuisine or theme. Be mindful of expenses and find a good location with affordable rent.

2. Health And Fitness Center

Health And Fitness Center

There’s been a fitness revolution sweeping across the nation, with people becoming more health-conscious. The expanding middle class and their growing disposable incomes make it the right time to launch a health and fitness center. You’ll have a wide range of customers with varied fitness levels and goals. From weight loss programs to yoga classes, and even special programs for seniors or kids, the opportunities are endless. Keep the memberships attractive, deliver an exceptional fitness experience, and watch your revenue flow.

3. Packaged Drinking Water

Packaged Drinking Water

These days, people are not just health-conscious; they are water-conscious too! They prefer the safety of packaged drinking water over uncertain tap water. And this demand isn’t going to dry up soon. The industry has strict regulations by the BIS and FSSAI, but by staying compliant, you can build a reliable brand. With a good marketing and distribution network, your business has the potential to scale and deliver high returns. A 10 lakh rupee investment should be enough to get you started on your water journey.

4. Lending Library (For Books And Toys)

Education and early development are getting the spotlight they deserve in India, and parents are constantly seeking educational resources for their children. A lending library for books and toys can fill this gap. The initial investment is pretty low, just for books, toys, shelves, and basic amenities. Offer varied subscription plans to suit different customer needs. You can provide a revolving door of new and exciting materials for kids without burning a hole in their parents’ pockets. And when you become a neighborhood favorite, consider going digital or opening new branches!

5. Clothing Brand Line

India’s got a large consumer market with a never-ending demand for clothing. Changing fashion trends, urbanization, and rising incomes make it an exciting time to start a clothing brand line. Invest in creating a unique brand image that stands out and resonates with your audience. You can start small with a 10 lakh rupee budget and scale up as your brand grows. Look for niche markets and consider customization options for those who want their style to shine!

6. Ice Cream Making Business

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Indians are no different, and the ice cream market is booming all year round here. The profit margin is pretty sweet too! You can start an ice cream-making business without breaking the bank or needing any specific technical skills. Create your own ice cream brand, focus on quality and unique flavors, and win over ice cream lovers. And remember, even during the freezing months, ice cream is still in demand. As your business grows, think about opening multiple outlets or even franchising your brand.

7. Car Wash Company

With more and more cars hitting Indian roads, there’s a growing demand for car care services. Starting a car wash company could be your road to success. With 10 lakh rupees, you can set up a basic car wash facility and cover initial operational costs. As people’s lifestyles get busier, the convenience of professional car care services is just what they need. As you grow, consider offering eco-friendly car wash options or specialized services for luxury vehicles to keep the wheels turning on your profits.

8. Opening Music And Dance Classes

Feel the rhythm and ride the waves of melody in India! Music and dance aren’t just part of our culture, they’re stitched into the fabric of who we are. Imagine then, starting a place where folks of all ages can groove to the beats and strum their hearts out. Yeah, that’s right! You can open up dance and music classes with a simple 10 lakh rupees investment. A cozy rented space, with shiny new instruments, speakers, and mirrors can turn into a sanctuary for your students. Not only can you run regular classes, but you could also conduct workshops, summer camps, and event choreographies for a little extra cash on the side.

9. Soap And Detergent Manufacturing

We all gotta stay clean, right? So, why not get into the soap and detergent-making business? It’s something everyone uses, rain or shine, and the industry keeps chugging along regardless of how the economy’s doing. All you need is 10 lakh rupees to start a small-scale production unit. With India being home to over 1.3 billion people, there’s no shortage of folks needing to scrub up. You can even mix it up with your own special scents and packaging to stand out from the crowd and build a loyal fanbase!

10. Manufacturing Of Toys

India’s toy industry is a child experiencing a surge of growth, fueled by increased disposable income, swelling cities, and changing tastes. The increasing focus on kids’ development is boosting the demand for high-quality, educational toys. But the market’s still got room for more. Set yourself apart by designing one-of-a-kind, innovative toys tailored to different age groups or niches. Investing 10 lakh rupees can get you started on small-scale manufacturing. Affordable labor costs and locally sourced raw materials keep the cost of production in check, enhancing profit margins.

11. Gadget Store

With the population boom and rising disposable income, there’s a voracious appetite for smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, you name it. Gadgets are attractive to all kinds of people, from tech heads to students, professionals, and even the silver generation. You’ll be able to serve a wide customer base, catering to a variety of preferences. Good profit margins come with the territory when dealing with electronics. You can collaborate with manufacturers or distributors, negotiate a sweet deal, and profit through retail sales.

12. Catering

India’s catering industry is cooking up a storm, fueled by increased disposable income, urbanization, changing lifestyles, and a rise in social and corporate events. So, this might just be the perfect time for aspiring entrepreneurs to get a slice of the pie. Catering doesn’t need a big initial investment; 10 lakh rupees should cover your basics like equipment, licenses, marketing, and the first batch of inventory. You’ve got the freedom to choose your niche, be it weddings, corporate gigs, parties, or even specialized options like vegan or organic catering. As you grow, you can diversify your offerings. Good pricing and efficient cost management can take you to profitability pretty quickly. Plus, you can operate from a commercial or home kitchen, so no shelling out big bucks for rental spaces. India’s rich culture and the multitude of festivities provide a steady demand for catering services year-round.

13. Dog Breeder

Breeding dogs could be a potential gold mine, but remember, what makes a “good” business idea is subjective and depends on many variables. Yet, with a 10 lakh rupee investment, dog breeding can be a lucrative business in India. The trend of treating pets like family members has seen a surge in India. This surge has led to an increase in demand for well-bred dogs. India has a variety of popular dog breeds. By specializing in breeding specific breeds, you can meet the desires of potential pet owners. Purebred dogs with a healthy lineage can fetch higher prices compared to mixed breeds or dogs with unclear lineage. For those of you with a love for dogs, dog breeding can be a fulfilling career that marries your passion with profit.

14. Bakery/Cake Shop

From any small or big event to birthday celebration cakes and pastries are very common. It is now very demanding from Indian people. To start a bakery/cake shop business in India, you need a well-thought-out business plan, a suitable location, and necessary permits from local authorities. Invest in a commercial kitchen, baking equipment, and a display area. Source quality ingredients and develop a diverse menu of cakes, pastries, and baked goods. Employ skilled bakers and staff. Create a visually appealing storefront and invest in marketing to attract customers. Offer both in-store sales and catering services for occasions. Your success will depend on product quality, branding, and customer service.


That’ll do it. Now not only do you have a 10 lakh rupee investment in hand, but also a list of the best businesses to start in India under such a budget. However, we’d recommend you to keep on digging a little deeper, and work on the strategy and execution part too.

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