13 Low Budget Business Under 1 Lakh Rs. in India

You may have seen quite recently that everyone’s talking about starting their own business and not going for the basic 9 to 5 job option. Right? Well, this is kind of a trend that started a few years ago in India, which is ultimately a good thing because doing a regular 9 to 5 job isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And if you are someone who’s already interested in starting out a business from scratch and dipping your toes into the world of actual business, then you may already be researching about it online. Correct? That’s why you are here, searching for some really cool and practical business ideas that are actually profitable.

Well, here we are sharing 10+ best business ideas under 1 lakh rupees investment in India. So if you have just 1 lakh rupees to invest, we’d surely recommend you to try out one of these business ideas. Also read our recently published article for the Best Business Ideas Under 2 Lakh Rs. in India.

List of Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh Rs.

Let’s now get started with the list. Here we go.

1. Opening A Juice Counter

Juice Counter

Kickstarting your juice bar in India could be a snappy idea under a 1 lakh rupee investment. People are becoming more health-conscious these days, ditching those sugary pops for something fresh and nutritious. The best part is that starting a juice joint doesn’t drill a hole in your pocket, unlike other businesses. With just 1 lakh, you can snag all the essentials like a blender, fridge, and the basics of a juice bar. You can even rent a small space or get a stall in some crowded area to start raking in customers. And guess what? The cost of the ingredients is a drop in the bucket compared to the selling price of the fresh juices you’ll whip up. With competitive pricing and cost control, you can really start stacking up the profits.

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2. Tiffin Services

The tiffin service idea is another bang for your buck business under a 1 lakh rupee investment. With the bustle of daily life, more folks crave home-cooked, hygienic meals. That’s where your tiffin service comes in, serving up delicious meals right to their doorsteps. Starting one is light on the wallet too. Your initial outlay would just cover the kitchen gear, packaging stuff, a bit of marketing, and maybe some basic infrastructure. And the running costs? Lower than you think. By offering timely, tasty meals, you’ll soon have a tribe of loyal customers, and that’s a steady income and more potential customers coming your way. Plus, the government has your back too, with various schemes and initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship.

3. A Food Van

Well, it’s a clever idea with a pretty modest initial investment. With just 1 lakh rupees, you can buy a van and equip it with essential kitchen appliances. The beauty of a food van? It’s mobility. You can zip around to high-footfall areas or special events, allowing you to adapt to demand and customer preferences. And you’re free to cater to niche markets or specific customer preferences. India loves its street food, and by offering affordable, mouth-watering options, you can really tap into the street food trend.

4. Laundry Services

Busy bees are usually on the lookout for convenient solutions for their laundry services, and competition is low, especially in smaller towns and residential areas. Starting one requires just 1 lakh rupees for initial costs like rent, washing machines, dryers, irons, and marketing. As you build your business, you can upscale by adding more machines, hiring more hands, and catering to more customers. Providing top-notch service means customers will stick around, and additional services like dry cleaning, ironing, folding, and pickup and delivery can reel in more business.

5. Electronic Repair Shop

Setting up an electronic repair shop is another bright spark of an idea, especially with India’s booming electronics market. With more households owning electronic gadgets, repair services are in hot demand. All it takes is 1 lakh rupees to get the right tools and basic stock for repairs. Plus, almost everyone owns an electronic device, so your customer base is huge. Repair services often have high-profit margins, and customers usually opt for repairs rather than splashing out on new devices. You can even boost your revenue by offering spare parts, accessories, or refurbished devices.

6. Real Estate Agent

Are you someone pondering over businesses with little initial cash? Well, then the real estate sector may just be your thing. It doesn’t require you to break the bank right off the bat. You can start off on a shoestring, and then steadily expand as you learn the ropes and start to bring in the cash. And believe us, the cash can be pretty sweet, particularly if you get to know the right people and make a name for yourself as a top-notch service provider. The commission rates in property dealing can be pretty generous, letting you reap serious profits from each successful deal.

7. Event Management Services

Are you good at planning and executing events? Well, then the event management might be one of the best business ideas to start with just 1 lakh rupees in India. The country’s got a rich tapestry of events, from weddings and business gatherings to cultural festivals and social shindigs. The demand for professional event organizers is going through the roof, as people look to make their events stand out. All this makes the event management business quite lucrative. Starting such a business isn’t a big-ticket venture. With just 1 lakh rupees, you can handle essentials like registering your business, setting up a basic website, getting the necessary gear, and marketing your services. You can begin with smaller events and then scale up as your business grows.

8. Home Tutoring

It is indeed a business idea that can be highly successful with relatively low investment in India. Education is highly valued in India, and parents are often willing to invest in their children’s academic success. However, due to the shortcomings of the traditional education system, many students require personalized attention and additional support. This creates a high demand for home tutors who can provide one-on-one or small-group coaching. Starting a home tutoring business requires minimal investment in terms of infrastructure and overhead costs. Since the tutoring sessions are conducted in the student’s home, there is no need for renting a separate space.

9. Self Publishing

Did you know there are platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), where you can publish and sell your own books without having to fork out a ton of cash upfront? With just 1 lakh, you can handle expenses like editing, designing the cover, and marketing your books. With Amazon KDP, you can put your books out there in digital form, selling them not just to readers in India, but across the globe. You can earn royalties ranging from 35% to 70% of the price of the book, depending on how you price it and where you sell it. If your books do well, this business model can become a steady source of passive income in the long run.

10. Craft Classes

Lately, there’s been a big push for handmade, personalized stuff in the country. By starting craft classes, you can cash in on this trend and cater to folks looking to learn how to make crafty things themselves. The initial investment for a craft-class business is relatively low. With a lakh, you can get all the craft supplies and equipment you need and even rent a place for the classes. Not just that, you can teach a variety of crafts like painting, pottery, jewelry making, knitting, and more, attracting different types of customers and expanding your offerings based on what people actually want.

11. Handmade Items Business

There’s a growing trend towards unique, personalized products, and handmade items in India, and this has been going on for quite a while now. You can start a business selling handmade items, from home décor and fashion accessories to artwork and personalized gifts, with a relatively small investment. You can get all the raw materials, tools, and equipment you need, and set up a basic online presence or even a small physical store, all within one lakh rupees only. Other than that, you get to show off your creativity and interact with your customers on a personal level, building brand loyalty and driving repeat sales.

12. Beauty Parlour

Starting a beauty parlor is a promising business idea in India, particularly with a small investment of under 1 lakh rupees. The beauty and personal care industry in India has been experiencing significant growth in recent years, making beauty parlors a lucrative business opportunity. You can start small with essential equipment and products and gradually expand as your business grows. Plus, running a beauty parlor doesn’t require extensive academic qualifications. It’s more about skill and expertise, and by keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, you can attract more customers and build a reputable brand.

13. Fruits and Vegetable Shop

A fruit and vegetable shop, commonly known as a greengrocery or produce market, is a retail establishment that specializes in selling fresh fruits and vegetables. These shops offer a wide variety of locally sourced or imported produce, catering to the needs of customers seeking fresh and healthy options. You can also deliver fresh fruits and vegetables in your local area.


There you have it. In this list, we have shared business ideas of all sorts so that you can pick the perfect one as per your background and skill set. There are literally tons of other business ideas to execute with just 1 lakh rupees, so we’d recommend to keep on digging a little deeper to find out more.

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