Jay Shah Net Worth: Secretary of BCCI

Interested to know about Jay Shah? Jai Amitbhai Shah is a prominent Indian businessman and cricket administrator. As of 2024, he officiates as Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to carry the position as President at the Asian Cricket Council. The distinct success blend of business acumen, cricket leadership, and familial links to the political level unwinds the story of Jay Shah.

Jay Shah

Category Details
Net Worth $15 million – Jay Shah’s reported net worth in India underscores his entrepreneurial prowess beyond cricket.
Birth Date/ Age
September 22, 1988 – Born into a politically influential family, Jay Shah’s upbringing was shaped by politics.
Education B.Tech from Nirma University – Part of his versatile skill set integrating technical expertise and business acumen.
Current Designation Secretary of BCCI – Jay Shah, the youngest among office bearers, plays a key role in cricket administration.
Married To Rishita Patel – Jay Shah’s traditional Gujarati wedding, attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, highlights the significance of family in his personal life.

Jay Shah Net Worth

Jay Shah is reported to be worth $15 million in India. His several businesses have earned him a lot of money, proving his entrepreneurial skills. Shah’s commercial success demonstrates his financial skills beyond cricket.

Early Life

BJP politician Amit Shah and Sonal Shah had Jay Shah on September 22, 1988. His boyhood was political. Political prominence in his family shaped Jay Shah’s childhood.

Nirma University awarded him a B.Tech. A complicated and multifaceted road was laid by his politically heated upbringing and intellectual objectives. These early years formed Jay Shah and helped him become a key contributor to Indian cricket, revealing the intricate link between politics and cricket administration. Jay Shah’s political and intellectual background makes him important in politics and cricket.


Nirma University awarded Jay Shah a B.Tech. This academic feat is only one of his many talents. Jay Shah successfully integrates academic talent, professional experience, political beliefs, and cricket passion.

Although crucial, his B.Tech degree underpins his complicated professional profile. From this educational background, he blends technical expertise with business and political understanding. Jay Shah’s combination of these traits indicates his versatility and ability to navigate numerous influence circles.

Jay Shah may work in business, politics, and cricket administration outside of academia due to his abilities. His route from Nirma University shows how he integrated diverse qualities to succeed in different industries.


Director of 2004 agricultural product trading enterprise Temple Enterprise, Jay Shah joined business. In October 2016, Temple Enterprise closed.

Cricket administrator Jay Shah improved. He became joint secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) in September 2013 after serving on the executive board of the Central Board of Cricket, Ahmedabad, since 2009. With his father, GCA president Amit Shah, Jay supervised Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium’s construction as joint secretary.

His BCCI involvement began in 2015 with the finance and marketing committees. Jay Shah quit as GCA joint secretary four years later to become BCCI Secretary, the youngest of five office bearers. This career-defining achievement earned him the BCCI’s representative for future CEC sessions of the International Cricket Council in December 2019. Jay Shah became Asian Cricket Council president in January 2021, strengthening his cricketing status.

Personal Life

Marriage to college sweetheart Rishita Patel defines Jay Shah’s personal life. The traditional Gujarati wedding was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other high-ranking officials. Jay Shah’s public persona emphasizes family and tradition thanks to this connection.

Jay Shah’s journey from the world of business to cricket administration is perhaps the most powerful example as to how versatility plays out when it comes to factors like family, education and personal choices which in turn shape up the career trajectories of individuals. His role in Indian cricket, both in the BCCI and the Asian Cricket Council, underscores his positioning as one of the key figures in the sport. His story is still unfolding, writing one of its most profound chapters even after ‘taking guard’ has become a distant memory.

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