Pravin Masalewale Company Profile & Other Details

Pravin Masalewale is a big name in Pune, Maharashtra, India, making food. Since 1962, they’ve been adding great flavors. With 248 team members, Pravin Masalewale is a strong player in the food industry.

Pravin Masalewale Company Details

Pravin Masalewale

Origin Country India
Established year 1962
Company founder/chairman Hukmichand Chordia
Company headquarters Pune
Product/Services Food production company
No. Of Employees 248

Founding Legacy

Established in 1962, Pravin Masalewale has a rich legacy in the food production industry. The company has been committed to delivering flavors that resonate with tradition and excellence since its early days.

Specialization in Food Production

Pravin Masalewale takes pride in its specialization in food production. The company’s focus on crafting diverse spices and blends reflects its dedication to bringing authentic tastes to kitchens across the nation.

Partnership Firm

Operating as a partnership firm, Pravin Masalewale thrives on collaboration and shared expertise. This organizational structure underlines the commitment to working together to deliver quality products to its customers.

Local Roots, Global Flavors

While rooted in Pune, Pravin Masalewale’s impact extends beyond regional borders. The company’s reach and influence in the food production sector showcase its ability to cater to diverse tastes nationally and internationally.

Employee Strength

With a team of 248 passionate individuals, Pravin Masalewale’s success is a testament to its employees’ collective effort and dedication. Each member contributes to the company’s mission of delivering top-notch culinary experiences.

Time-Tested Quality

Pravin Masalewale’s commitment to quality has stood the test of time. The company’s reputation for producing high-quality food products has made it a trusted choice for households seeking authentic flavors.

Pravin Masalewale, as a food production powerhouse, continues to weave a tapestry of tastes that transcends time and borders, making every meal a delightful journey into the world of authentic Indian flavors.

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