HiKAL Company Profile & Other Details

Hikal is good at making chemicals and medicines. They’re experts in the industry. Hikal’s main goal is to provide great solutions for healthcare, farming, and making things. They’re known for making excellent chemicals and medicines important in different industries.


Hikal Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 1988
Company CEO Sameer Hiremath
Company Head Office Mumbai, India
Product Specialty biocides and antimicrobial actives, and additives for leather, paint coatings, paper, water treatment, personal care, building materials, and textiles industries
Company Founder Jai Hiremath
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 10001-5000
Official Website https://www.hikal.com/

Hikal’s Products and Focus:

Hikal is into making different kinds of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In healthcare, they create active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), the key parts of medicines. Hikal produces crop protection chemicals for agriculture that help farmers grow healthy crops. The company’s commitment to quality, ensuring their products are dependable, is a big deal.

Innovation is in Hikal’s DNA. They’re always working on new ideas and technologies to make their products better and more effective. Staying ahead in the chemical and pharmaceutical world is crucial for them.

Hikal’s Global Presence and Doing Good:

Hikal isn’t just known locally; they have a global impact. They sell their products to many countries, contributing to healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing advancements worldwide. As they reach more places, Hikal makes sure to do it in a way that’s good for the environment. They use technologies that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Hikal also believes in doing good beyond business. They actively participate in projects that help communities and the environment, showing that they care about making a positive impact. Being socially responsible is part of who they are as a company.


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