DXN Company Profile & Other Details

DXN, a worldwide multi-level marketing (MLM) company from Malaysia since 1993, specializes in health supplements, food, beverages, personal care, and household items. They mainly highlight the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, especially Ganoderma, in their products.


Dxn Company Details

Company Origin Country Malaysia
Established year 1993
Company CEO Hang Teoh
Company Head Office Malaysia
Product of Dxn Monascus, vinegar, fruit enzymes and other beverage products
Company Founder Datuk Lim Siow Jin
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 21+
Official Website https://www.dxn2uasia.com/

DXN’s flagship ingredient, Ganoderma, derived from the reishi mushroom, forms the basis of many of its wellness products. Ganoderma is renowned for its potential health benefits, including immune system support, antioxidant properties, and overall well-being enhancement.

Operating in over 180 countries, DXN operates an extensive distribution network, enabling its vast range of products to reach global consumers. The company emphasizes the direct selling model, enabling individuals to become distributors and market DXN’s offerings, fostering entrepreneurship and financial independence.

One of DXN’s notable characteristics is its commitment to organic farming practices. The company maintains its own Ganoderma plantations, ensuring the quality and purity of its products. DXN’s adherence to stringent quality control measures and certifications reinforces its reputation as a premium health and wellness product provider.

Apart from its focus on health supplements, DXN offers a range of personal care and household products infused with Ganoderma extracts. These include skincare items, soaps, toothpaste, and beverages, providing customers with a comprehensive range of wellness-related goods.

More Details About The Company

In addition to its product line, DXN places significant importance on education and training for its distributors. The company conducts various seminars, workshops, and training sessions to equip its distributors with product knowledge, sales techniques, and entrepreneurial skills to succeed in their independent businesses.

DXN also emphasizes corporate social responsibility (CSR) by participating in charitable activities, community welfare programs, and environmental conservation initiatives. This commitment to giving back to society aligns with the company’s holistic wellness and sustainability values.

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