Bhartiya International Ltd Company Profile & Other Details

Bhartiya International Ltd. produces, distributes, and engages in commerce in leather and textile goods in India. In addition to leather finishing, textile appeal, and design studio services, it sells wallets, leather outerwear, belts, bags and accessories, and other small leather goods. Along with developing hotels and convention centers, the company also develops retail spaces, IT parks, interior solutions, and real estate. It exports its goods as well. The business is headquartered in Gurugram, India, and was founded in 1987.

Bhartiya International

Bhartiya International Ltd Company Details

Company Name Bhartiya International Ltd
Origin Country India
Established Year 1973
Chairman Mr. M. K. Singhal
Managing Director & CEO Mr. M. K. Singhal
Headquarters Delhi, India
Products/Services Leather and Leather Products
Number of Employees Not Available
Official Website


The company builds residential and commercial real estate in India, manufacturing and selling textiles, leather jackets, scarves, belts, outerwear, bags, and accessories for men, women, and children.

Since the middle of the 2000s, Bhartiya has produced leather accessories for the international market. The company first opened a bag and accessory facility in Chennai. Over half a million purses, wallets, belts, and other small leather goods may be produced annually at their plant; they hope to raise that number fivefold in the upcoming years.


Chennai and Bangalore are the locations of the company’s plants. The Bhartiya Group is in numerous locations worldwide, with its design studios in Italy and its manufacturing facilities in China and India. Bhartiya Global Marketing Ltd., Bhartiya International SEZ Ltd., World Fashion Trade Ltd., J&J Leather Enterprises Ltd., Bhartiya Urban Infrastructure Limited, Bhartiya Fashion Retail Ltd., Ultima Italia Srl, Ultima SA, Design Industry Limited, and Design Industry China Limited are some of the company’s subsidiaries.

Since 1990, Bhartiya has been manufacturing leather clothing for customers worldwide, making it India’s largest exporter of leather goods. In the Bangalore-Chennai area of South India, they have 9 production facilities that can produce more than half a million leather outfits annually. Additionally, Bhartiya can manufacture leather clothing in China, and business from European clients is growing for this company segment.


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