HGS Company Profile & Other Details

HGS, or Hinduja Global Solutions, is good at managing business stuff. They focus on making customers happy and are a top player in outsourcing. HGS stands out by improving how customers feel overall. They believe in making services work well and bringing success to businesses in different areas.


HGS Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 1914
Company CEO Partha DeSarkar
Company Head Office Mumbai, India
Product Automotive, Financial services

ITES, Oil and Gas, Media, Telecom, Healthcare

Company Founder Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 2,00,000+
Official Website https://hgs.cx/

HGS Services and Know-How:

HGS provides various services like helping customers, fixing technical problems, and handling behind-the-scenes tasks. They use fancy technologies to make everything work smoothly. From dealing with customer questions to solving technical issues or managing office tasks, HGS covers a lot. They also keep up with new technologies like artificial intelligence, ensuring they stay current and offer the latest solutions.

Besides the regular services, HGS puts extra effort into being socially responsible. They care for the communities where they operate, showing that they care about more than just business.

HGS’s Commitment to Doing Things Well:

HGS cares about doing things well. They focus on their clients’ needs and tailor their services to make them happy. With a worldwide presence, HGS knows how to adapt to different markets and industries, ensuring they meet the specific needs of each business they work with.

Being excellent is a big deal for HGS. They not only aim to be good at what they do but also want to positively impact the communities they’re a part of. HGS believes in going beyond just business – they want to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking smart and creative solutions.

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