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With its headquarters in Tianjin, China, Tiens Group is a worldwide corporation and multi-level marketing company from China. The business has a production plant in Vietnam as well.

With its global headquarters in China, Tiens International Group is a business that deals with health equipment, food supplements, and other things. It started operations in Beijing in 1995 and has been functioning in Somalia since 2013. It has a vast network of independent distributors, over 50,000, and several customers. The Somali economy has benefited greatly from TIENS. Over 40 million homes worldwide receive high-quality and varied health goods from this company.


Tiens Company Details

Company Name Tiens Group
Origin Country China
Established Year 1995
Founder/CEO Li Jinyuan
Headquarters Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Products/Services Food supplements, health equipment and more
Number of Employees 1000+
Official Website https://www.tiens.com/


Li Jinyuan created the Tiens Group in 1995. In 1997, Tiens made its international debut. They claimed 40 million clients, predominantly in Russia, including about 60,000 in Germany, and 12 million MLM distributors globally in 2008. Of them, more than 40,000 were in Germany. They claimed to have 200,000 distributors in Uganda in 2014. Additionally, Hungary, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia are market partners for the organization. It started functioning in Beijing in 1995 and has been present in Somalia since 2013.


Instant coffee, calcium pills, and traditional Chinese medicines were among the company’s first product offerings. The Tiens collaborates with globally renowned companies like Microsoft, China Telecom, Pfizer, and IBM. A carefully curated range of medical products is created using cutting-edge biotechnologies and the over 5,000-year history of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine promotes health, while biotechnologies provide optimal outcomes.

The company is rooted in Chinese customs yet adheres to global business trends. Tiens is a cosmopolitan brand that serves an ever-increasing number of foreign customers.

Brand Vision

Tiens provides customers with high-quality goods, chances for education and company growth, and support for a better quality of life and a peaceful community.

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