Happilo Company Profile & Other Details

Happilo is a popular brand for healthy stuff like nuts and dry fruits. They want to help people live healthier. Happilo is known for good quality, yummy taste, and nutrition. They sell almonds, cashews, pistachios, and more. The company makes sure everything is fresh and top-notch by getting things from great farms. They’re super careful about quality during production.


Happilo Company Details

Origin Country India
Established year 2016
Company CEO Vikas D Nahar
Company Head Office Bengaluru
Product of Happilo Nuts, dried fruits, seeds, Dry Roasted snacks, trial mixes
Founder Vikas D Nahar|
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 309+
Official Website https://happilo.com/

Happilo distinguishes itself by prioritizing the nutritional content of its offerings. The brand provides natural, wholesome snacks rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. This emphasis on health-conscious choices has resonated with consumers seeking nutritious food alternatives.

Moreover, Happilo’s commitment to quality extends beyond its products and packaging. The company ensures that its packaging maintains the freshness and goodness of the products, employing industry-standard techniques to preserve nutritional value and flavor.

About The Brand’s Success

The brand’s success is attributed to its dedication to customer satisfaction. Happilo engages with its customers through various channels, seeking feedback and continuously improving its products to meet evolving consumer preferences and dietary needs.

Furthermore, Happilo actively promotes a healthy lifestyle by advocating the consumption of nutritious snacks and dry fruits. The brand’s marketing initiatives emphasize the health benefits of its products, aiming to educate and inspire consumers to make healthier choices in their snacking habits.

Happilo also maintains a strong online presence, facilitating easy product accessibility through e-commerce platforms and its website. This strategic approach has widened its reach, allowing consumers across regions to access and enjoy its premium offerings.

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