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Founded on September 5, 2000, Netambit Infosource AND E-Services Private Limited is a non-governmental organization. It is categorized as a “company limited by shares” and is a private, unlisted business. The company has 48.073017% paid-up capital, or Rs 2403.65 lakhs, and an authorized capital of Rs 5000.0 lakhs.


Netambit Company Details

Company Name Netambit Corporation
Origin Country India
Established Year 05 Sep, 2000
Founder/CEO Girish Batra

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Products/Services Merchant Acquisition and Management, Managed Sales, Digital Leads Fulfillment, Field/Retail Audits, Recruitment Services and more
Number of Employees 10k-50k
Official Website

Brand Vision

They aim to establish a more robust, efficient, caring, and all-encompassing system where integrity is paramount!

NetAmbit Tasks

NetAmbit oversees critical revenue-generating tasks for its clients like managed sales, digital lead fulfillment, field and retail audits, merchant acquisition and management, recruitment services, and much more! Having managed multi-product/multi-channel sales for more than 20 years, they work with India’s biggest banks and the most prominent unicorns in the nation to meet their scalability demands.

Netambit speeds up growth in high-touch offline areas, giving firms a lasting edge. With faster time to market and more effective resource management, they assist clients in generating significant incremental income. Their SPO business is centered on Merchant/Retail/Partner acquisitions in B2C, B2Retail, B2B, and B2SMB. They provide creative, tailored solutions to address your various business difficulties.


Netambit can help you:

  • Enter new markets while maintaining a low personnel burden
  • Manage your sales operations to increase efficiency.
  • Achieve rapid and long-term growth throughout India
  • Complete short-term sized tasks quickly.

Important revenue-generating tasks for their clients include:

  • Digital lead fulfilment
  • Sales management (FoS)
  • Retail and Field Audits
  • Staffing and Hiring Solutions
  • Call Centre Operations
  • Merchant Acquisition & Activation

Evolution of the company

To enable everyone to access financial services, Netambit was founded in 2000 and has since grown into a prominent provider of professional services specializing in real estate, hiring & staffing, finance, and sales processes. They think that the foundation of Netambit’s success is an environment of respect and accountability.

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