IIFL Company Profile & Other Details

IIFL, known as India Infoline, focuses on money services. They aim to make finance easy for everyone, offering various financial products. The company empowers people by providing simple and accessible money solutions, ensuring finance is within reach for all.


Iifl Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 1995
Company CEO Nirmal Jain
Company Head Office Mumbai
Product Financing, asset management, investment banking, brokerage, financial advisory and finance-related services
Company Founder Nirmal Jain
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 27,506

IIFL’s Diverse Financial Offerings:

IIFL offers various financial products and services to cater to different needs. In investments, they provide services like stockbroking and mutual funds, allowing individuals to participate in the financial markets. The company also offers loans, including home loans and personal loans, contributing to making dreams like owning a home a reality for many.

IIFL’s focus on technology is evident in its online trading platforms and digital financial services. Embracing digital solutions, the company ensures customers can conveniently access and manage their financial portfolios, reflecting IIFL’s adaptability to evolving technological trends.

IIFL’s Impact and Community Initiatives:

IIFL’s influence extends beyond financial services; they actively engage in initiatives that benefit communities. Through their philanthropic efforts, IIFL contributes to various social causes, reflecting their commitment to making a positive impact beyond the financial realm. This dual commitment to financial services and community welfare underscores IIFL’s holistic approach to business.

Moreover, IIFL is known for its ethical practices and transparency. The company adheres to high standards in its dealings, instilling customer trust and confidence. This commitment to integrity has played a significant role in establishing IIFL as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the financial sector.

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