Top 10 Leading Soda Ash Manufacturers in India

You hear the name Soda ash, and you go like: I have never used this, ever in my life. But you know that? There are a lot of things you use daily that have soda ash in them or used in the process of making those things like detergents, our soaps, paper, some specific chemicals, and even glass. Sure, soda ash manufacturing or production may seem like a niche thing, which it is, but there is a huge and growing demand for this chemical. And thankfully, there are some leading soda ash manufacturers right here in India, that are absolutely leading the charge. So yeah, today’s post is dedicated to just that, which means here we will be talking about the top 10 leading soda ash manufacturers in India for 2024. Alright, here we go now.

Leading Soda Ash Manufacturers in India

Soda Ash

1. Nirma Limited

This company kicked off its journey back in 1969, all thanks to the genius of Dr. Karsanbhai Patel, a brainy guy from the Gujarat government’s corridors. He began his venture with a unique soap, free from those icky chemicals, right in his local neighborhood. The soap got its name from his daughter, Nirupama, and boy, did it catch on! It wasn’t just good, it was affordable, making it a hit by 1985 and the talk of the town across India. But hold on, Nirma’s story doesn’t end with soap. They’re into all sorts of stuff, from cement and cosmetics to salt, and our main focus, soda ash. Their TV adverts? Simply top-notch. And yeah, in 2023, they made a power move by acquiring a hefty share in another company, proving they’re not just playing the game; they’re changing it.

2. GHCL Limited

Since its start in 1983, GHCL has been cooking up massive amounts of soda ash. Think of soda ash as the magic dust for creating everyday essentials like soap, glass, and those fancy dinnerware sets. But there’s more! GHCL also dabbles in baking soda. Their mega-factory in Sutrapada, Gujarat is a real marvel, producing 12 lakh MTPA of soda ash. And they’re not stopping there, they’ve got plans to ramp it up by another 5 lakh MTPA by 2025! GHCL’s grip on the soda ash market? A solid 26%.

3. Tata Chemicals Limited

Now, onto Tata Chemicals, which started off with the basics, salt and soda. But fast forward to today, and they’re all about innovative, eco-friendly solutions. Tata Chemicals is a big deal in the Basic Chemistry world, ranking as the third-largest soda producer globally. They’re the go-to guys for materials used in glass and soap manufacturing. Tata Chemicals isn’t just an Indian name, they’re global, marking their presence from Asia to the Americas. During the tough times of COVID-19, they stepped up, producing hand sanitizers and supporting communities. Talk about a company that’s not just about business, but also about making a difference, right?

4. DCW Limited

Now, let’s talk about DCW Limited, or as it was originally known, Dhrangadhra Chemical Works in Gujarat. It’s actually the very first Soda Ash plant in India, kicking off way back in 1939. But here’s the thing: soda ash isn’t just a side gig for them; it’s a big deal, contributing a whopping 13.75% to their FY23 revenue and a solid 16% to operating profit. And if you’re wondering about their financial game, it’s strong! Over three years, their returns have skyrocketed by 300%. DCW Limited isn’t just a company, it’s a trailblazer in India’s chemical sector, all thanks to its innovative spirit and a rich history that’s hard to beat.

5. Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd.

Alright, next up is Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd., or KCI for short, making its mark since 1960. This one is a major player in the chemical manufacturing game, focusing on sectors like infrastructure, construction, automotive, and let’s not forget, electronics. KCI isn’t just a company; it’s part of a global corporate family, boasting a proud workforce of over 9000 folks who are all about sustainability and ethical practices. And yeah, they operate not one, not two, but three ISO-certified facilities, strategically placed, of course. KCI is big on R&D and keeping things cost-effective. Oh, and did we mention they branched into electronics in 2012 by snapping up APAG Holding AG?

6. Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.

Now, let’s swing over to Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. (PACL), a name that’s been around since 1975 in the lovely city of Chandigarh, India. This one is all about churning out a variety of chemicals, and they’re doing pretty well for themselves, with an operating revenue of a cool Rs. 454.07 Cr. in 2022. PACL isn’t just another company; they’re a big piece of the puzzle in India’s chemical manufacturing landscape, adding a dash of diversity to the mix.

7. Caprolactam Chemicals Ltd.

Now, let’s talk about Caprolactam Chemicals Ltd., which you might know as the former Vamotiwala Chemical Industries Ltd., right? Well, this company kicked off its journey way back on November 18, 1988, as a private venture and, get this, it went public on April 15, 1992. Specializing in a bunch of cool chemicals like Glycol Ether, Ethylene Oxide Condensate Emulsifier, Vinyl Sulphone, and Ethyl Acetate, they really know their stuff. August 1992 was when they started their Glycol Ether and Ethylene oxide condensate emulsifier plants. And who’s behind this chemical wizardry? None other than Shankar G Bhanushali, Chandrakant K Pandya, Suresh H Nanda, and their associates.

8. Chemfab Alkalis Ltd.

Founded in 1985 by the visionary Dr. Rao, this one is leading the charge in India’s chemical manufacturing scene, especially when we talk about Chloralkali. They were the ones who brought India’s first membrane cell plant for Chloralkali to the table, setting a whole new benchmark. Their facility in Kalapet? It’s at the forefront, transforming the industry to membrane technology. Dr. Rao’s dream isn’t just about making chemicals, it’s about doing it in a way that’s good for both the industry and our planet. Their portfolio includes caustic soda, salt production, and PVC-O pipes along with Soda Ash.

9. Lords Chloro Alkali Ltd.

Here we are, talking about Lords Chloro Alkali Ltd. (LCAL), which hit the scene in 1979. Before they were LCAL, they went by Modi Alkalies & Chemicals Limited. Nestled in Alwar, Rajasthan, these guys are a big name in North India’s chemical industry, thanks to the region’s demand for chloro-alkali products. They make it all, from Caustic Soda to Liquid Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Gas, and Sodium Hypochlorite. LCAL is all about serving a variety of industries and they’re particularly good with bulk orders.

10. Jayshree Chemicals Ltd.

Last on our list for now, but certainly not the least, is Jayshree Chemicals Ltd. (JCL). Picture this: Kolkata, 1962, and JCL begins its journey, initially with a little help from Bangur Brothers Ltd in Ganjam District. Then, Shri S. K. Bangur takes the reins, and boom, they’re off into not just chemicals, but also wind power and international trade. And let’s talk about Bangur Exim, their 2010 brainchild. This subsidiary is all about the export-import biz, dealing with everything from chemicals to bauxite ore.


That’s about it for today. These are by far the best and top-of-the-line manufacturers for soda ash aka sodium carbonate. And let’s say you are an eager investor, then putting your money in some of these top manufacturers may give you a good return in the long run, but yeah, we’d advise you to perform a thorough analysis of your own before you do that.

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