Heisco Kuwait Company Profile & Other Details

Heisco Kuwait is a top company in Kuwait and beyond. They’re great at different industries. Started to offer excellent services, Heisco is a leader. They do engineering, buying, building, and upkeep. They’re committed to being excellent. They’re good at marine, civil, mechanical, and electrical work. They also do various projects, from oil and gas to marine services.


Heisco Kuwait Company Details

Company Origin Country Kuwait
Established year 1974
Company CEO N/A
Company Head Office Kuwait
Product of Heisco Kuwait Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Power
Company Founder Michael Fouhy
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 2,666+
Official Website https://www.heisco.com/

In the marine sector, Heisco is recognized for its shipbuilding, ship repair, and maintenance capabilities. They possess cutting-edge facilities with advanced technology, ensuring efficient and reliable services.

The company’s commitment to quality extends to its workforce. Heisco employs a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals, continuously trained to meet industry standards and adapt to emerging technologies. This strategy ensures the company stays at the forefront of innovation.

Heisco’s dedication to safety is evident in its stringent safety protocols. They prioritize creating a secure work environment, adhering to international safety standards and regulations. This commitment safeguards their employees and enhances project efficiency and reliability.

Their reputation for timely project delivery sets them apart. Heisco values deadlines and ensures projects are completed within stipulated time frames without compromising quality. This reliability has earned them trust and repeat business from satisfied clients.

Regarding environmental responsibility, Heisco integrates sustainable practices into its operations. They aim to minimize their ecological footprint, aligning their activities with environmental regulations and best practices.

As a socially responsible entity, Heisco actively engages in community development initiatives. They contribute to the welfare of society through various corporate social responsibility programs, emphasizing education, health, and community enhancement.

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