Is Peter England an Indian Company?

Now, from the looks of it, Peter England sounds like a foreign brand or company, right? And that is exactly what it is, so no, Peter England is not an Indian company. But yeah, they have chosen the Aditya Birla Group for the distribution of their top-quality clothes in India, and some of you may already know that. If you care to know more of such interesting facts about this awesome clothing brand, then keep on reading because we are here just for that. So yeah, let’s get down to this quick lowdown on the history and current status of Peter England in the Indian subcontinent. Here we go.

Highlights Of Peter England Company Details:

Peter England

Peter England Company Is From Which Country Ireland
Established Year 1890
Peter England Company Owner Aditya Birla Group (Only In India)
Peter England Company Headquarters Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Products Of Peter England Men’s Clothing and Accessories.
Peter England Company Founders N/A
Parent Company Of Peter England Aditya Birla Group (Only In India)

The Peter England

Did you know that Peter England didn’t start its journey in the busy lanes of Mumbai or Delhi? Nope. It actually kicked off way back in 1890, right in the heart of, well, Ireland. Originally, they set up shop as a British shirt factory and went by the name ‘Old England’. Kinda catchy, right? But as time rolled on, they tweaked their style, changed with the times, and danced to the tunes of ever-evolving fashion vibes and what people wanted. Fast forward a few years, and by the time we hit a new century, Peter England was rocking the charts. They weren’t just any brand; they became one of the top shirt suppliers in the UK. Goes to show that they really knew their stuff and weren’t afraid to shake things up a bit!

Peter England In India

You may have heard that Peter England clothes in India are distributed or sold by the Aditya Birla Group, right? Well, you are not totally wrong though. See, under their watchful eye, Peter England didn’t just stick to those classy office shirts. Nope, they decided to level things up a bit. Now, they’ve got everything, from your sharp-looking formal wear for those important office meetings to relaxed casuals for your laid-back weekend plans. Today, it doesn’t matter if you’re hunting for that perfect white shirt or just something chill for a day out, Peter England is that all-time favorite brand you should definitely consider.


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