Is Reynolds an Indian Company?

If you are a student, or maybe a working professional in India, then you may have come across the Reynolds pens at some point in your life, right? Well, we are so sure of that only because Reynolds is one of the major players in this particular segment of the market. And yeah, Reynolds actually started out in the United States, but the Reynolds Pens is totally an Indian brand or company. If that seems intriguing enough to you, then keep on reading to find out more about Reynolds pens and their current status in the country. Here we go.

Highlights Of Reynolds Company Details:


Reynolds Company Is From Which Country Originally an American company, but Reynolds Pens is now an Indian brand.
Established Year 1945
Reynolds Company Owner Newell Brands
Reynolds Company Headquarters Chandivali, India
Products Of Reynolds Ballpoint, gel, rollerball, fountain pens, mechanical pencils.
Reynolds Company Founders Milton Reynolds
Parent Company Of Reynolds Newell Brands

The Reynolds Story

You might think Reynolds Pens started its journey in India, right? Nope! The story actually begins in the United States, of all places. Our main man, Milton Reynolds, a businessman from Chicago, gets the credit for this. Somewhere in the mid-1940s, while on a trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina, he stumbled upon the Biro pen. Now, this wasn’t just any pen though, it was the very first ballpoint to hit the commercial scene! Can you imagine his excitement? Milton sure couldn’t let this one go. So, he took the Biro pen, gave it his own twist, and that’s it! He introduced the “Reynolds Rocket” pen to the folks back in the US. And from the very start, it was a massive hit!

Reynolds In India

Did you know that Milton Reynolds, the founder of this company has always said that India is one of the top and strategic locations for them to do business? So here we are, in today’s world, and Reynolds has totally made a name for itself over in India. And you know what proves that? Their R&D hub is sitting right there in Chennai. This spot, set up just a little while back, isn’t just about serving us Indians. Nope, it’s also putting in its two cents for Reynolds globally. See, we Indians have our own taste. Like, we totally lean towards pens that glide super smooth, don’t mess up our papers, and feel just right in the hand. And that is exactly what Reynolds Pens has been offering to the people of India, so yeah, no wonder it is a famous pen brand in the country.

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