Is Pidilite an Indian Company?

Now, Pidilite is one such name that you may have come across at some point in your life, be it the Fevicol, OR FeviKwik you used to stick things together, or maybe their construction favorite products from Dr. Fixit. And if that has got you thinking about where this company actually originated from, then we wanna let you know that Yes, Pidilite is an Indian company. If you care to know more about them, then yeah, just keep on reading because their tale is an interesting one. Here we go.

Highlights Of Pidilite Company Details:


Pidilite Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 1959
Pidilite Company Owner Madhukar Parekh And His Family
Pidilite Company Headquarters Andheri, Mumbai, India
Products Of Pidilite Adhesives, Construction Chemicals, and others (including brands like Fevicol, FeviKwik, Dr. Fixit, Roff, Cyclo, Ranipal, Hobby Ideas, M-seal, and Acron)
Pidilite Company Founders Balvant Parekh
Parent Company Of Pidilite N/A

The Pidilite Story

You know, Pidilite began as a tiny dream (like any other company that has gotten huge these days) in 1959, all thanks to Balvant Parekh. Yup, from just an idea, it’s now the first name that pops into most people’s heads when they think of the best glues in India. So, if you ever find yourself walking the streets of Andheri, Mumbai, you might spot a standout building. That’s Pidilite’s home. But it’s more than just bricks and mortar. It’s like a giant, living postcard of how big Pidilite has grown here and also their dreams that stretch beyond the horizons. By 2020, Pidilite had a whopping 6,064 folks working with them! Every single person there is adding their own touch, their own spark, making Pidilite the legend it is today and shaping its bright future.

Their Product Range

If at some point in your life, you have walked into a construction going on, then there’s a good chance you’ve bumped into something from Pidilite. They’ve got this huge lineup of stuff, from crafting supplies and everyday stationery to stuff for clothes and food care. You’ve probably heard of some of their big hits like Fevicol, FeviKwik, and Dr. Fixit. Oh, and did you know that Pidilite is the cool company behind making WD-40 right here in India? Now, when Pidilite does something, they go all in. They’ve got these massive production spots dotted around India. Places like Mahad in Maharashtra, Vapi in Gujarat, and then Baddi and Kala Amb in Himachal Pradesh. They’re all about making sure everything they make is just downright perfect.

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