Raymond Company Profile & Other Details

Raymond Limited is famous for making clothes and fabrics. They are good at producing materials like wool, suiting, shirting, and denim. These materials are high-quality and used for various things. Raymond sells these fabrics in India and other countries, making them a big name in the textile industry.


Raymond Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 1925
Company CEO Gautam Singhania
Company Head Office Mumbai, India
Product Shirts, trousers, fabrics, clothing, jeans, woolen outerwear, and blankets.
Company Founder Albert Raymond
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 6,682+
Official Website https://www.raymond.in/

Beyond textiles, Raymond is recognized for its ready-to-wear apparel, offering a broad range of clothing options from formal to casual wear, including accessories. This comprehensive approach allows them to appeal to a wide audience with different fashion preferences.

Customer satisfaction is a key focus for Raymond. The company likely places importance on delivering excellent customer service, adapting to changing fashion trends, and ensuring a positive shopping experience for consumers.

Ownership structure and corporate organization are pivotal in understanding how Raymond makes decisions and operates strategically. This insight provides clarity on the company’s overall direction and decision-making processes.

Remaining current with fashion trends and innovations is crucial in the dynamic world of apparel. Raymond is expected to continually update its designs and manufacturing processes to stay competitive and meet evolving consumer expectations.

Environmental sustainability is an emerging consideration in the textile and apparel industry. Raymond may integrate eco-friendly practices, including sustainable sourcing of materials and responsible manufacturing methods, aligning with growing environmental concerns.

Raymond Limited is a significant player in textiles and apparel, known for quality fabrics and stylish clothing. Their emphasis on customer satisfaction, ownership structure, adaptability to fashion trends, and potential commitment to environmental sustainability collectively define their role in the fashion industry.


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