Astral Pipes Company Profile & Other Details

One well-known brand in the Indian home-building material market is Astral Pipes, found in India’s Gujarat state. The company is a prominent participant in the adhesives industry and the top producer of plastic pipes within India, and it is currently making significant strides in the faucet, paint, and sanitary ware industries.

Astral Pipes

Astral Pipes Company Details

Astral Pipes Company Profile Details
Company Name Astral Pipes
Origin Country India
Established Year 1996
CEO Sandeep Engineer
Head Office 207, Crystal Tower, Gundavali, Azad Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069, India
Products CPVC and UPVC pipes and fittings
Founders Sandeep Engineer
Parent Company Astral Poly Technik Limited
Number of Employees 5000+
Official Website


Plumbing, agricultural, industrial, and electrical conduit pipes with various fittings are all produced by Astral Ltd. Plumbing and Paints and Adhesives are the two business segment units that makeup operations. Astral’s clientele includes hospitals, government buildings, parks, resorts, stadiums, and various other sectors. Most of the company’s offerings are used all over India.

Systems and pipes are marketed under a variety of brand names. They can be made to comply with various standards and laws and endure various environmental challenges.

Brand Mission

Astral symbolizes creativity and the establishment of fresh ideas in the plumbing sector. At Astral, introducing more advanced plumbing technology and consistently innovating new and existing goods has been the main focus. Astral is renowned for surpassing customer expectations and maintaining uncompromised quality. Astral’s brand purpose has been to deliver pledged values consistently and sustain and develop a commanding presence in customers’ hearts. This has included everything from introducing new piping technology to creative brand communications.

Astral Pipes Manufacturing Units

With cutting-edge production facilities spread around the nation, Astral Pipes can satisfy the needs of diverse markets and geographies. Automated material handling and feeding systems are installed in Astral Pipes’ fourteen manufacturing facilities nationwide.

They are in:

  • Santej, Gujarat
  • Dholka, Gujarat
  • Hosur, Tamil Nadu
  • Ghiloth, Rajasthan

In addition to CPVC piping systems for industrial use, column and pressure piping systems for agricultural use, and conduit pipes for residential and business purposes, Astral Pipes specializes in producing the highest quality plumbing and drainage systems for residential and commercial uses. Astral Pipes offers solutions tailored for the Indian markets while embracing the most recent global technologies.

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