Jaa Lifestyle Company Profile & Other Details

Jaa Lifestyle, initially established as Jumpstart an Amazing Lifestyle in 2020 in London, UK, and later launched in India on December 3, 2020, is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in Bangalore. The company’s directors are Johnny and Jolly Johnny. Numerous individuals in India have joined Jaa Lifestyle and are earning their livelihood through its platform. Despite claims of job scarcity in India, Jaa Lifestyle believes that the lack of employment arises when people misunderstand its meaning.

Jaa Lifestyle
Jaa Lifestyle Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 2020
Company CEO Adriana Cottet
Company Head Office N/A
Product of Jaa Lifestyle N/A
Company Founder Shami Rana
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 50
Official Website https://jaalifestyle.com

While the Indian government creates numerous job opportunities, success is attainable with the necessary skills. Many individuals in India also engage in direct selling. If traditional employment is elusive, joining Jaa Lifestyle’s Network Marketing Company can pave the way to establishing your business and earning a substantial income. Whether in the government or private sector, the key is identifying sources of good income, and Jaa Lifestyle provides an avenue for that.

How do you start earning with Jaa Lifestyle?

To start earning with Jaa Lifestyle, joining the company is the initial step, which doesn’t require membership fees. However, a KYC (Know Your Customer) process is mandatory for your company ID, costing 20 Euros or approximately 1800 Indian rupees. This investment is for the KYC procedure.

Once you’ve joined, your earnings come from inviting others to join after seeing the company’s advertisement. Those individuals must also complete the KYC process to generate income within the company.

On A Concluding Note

Jaa Lifestyle, established in 2020, offers an opportunity for individuals to earn through its platform. Joining the company is free, but a 20 Euro (approximately 1800 Indian rupees) investment is required for the KYC process. Earning income involves inviting others to join after seeing the company’s advertisements, with their completion of the KYC process also contributing to your potential income within the company.

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