BVG India Ltd Company Profile & Other Details

BVG India Limited was established in 1997 by Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad and is a conscientious and forward-thinking company with the mission of advancing India’s development overall. BVG India is more than just a business focused on making money. Through employment, empowerment, and education, this group aims to improve the lives of 10 million individuals by 2030. It has a broad perspective and a benign approach. BVG has effectively entered numerous service sectors over the years and has shown its mettle to establish itself as a reliable service partner.


BVG India Ltd Company Details

Company Name BVG India Ltd
Origin Country India
Established Year 1997
Founder/Chairman Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad
Managing Director/CEO Umesh Gautam Mane, Hanmantrao Gaikwad, and others
Headquarters Pune,Maharashtra, India
Products/Services Integrated facility management, emergency response services, solid waste management, and special projects.
Number of Employees 50k-1 Lakh
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Having experienced financial hardships, Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad founded the non-profit Bharat Vikas Pratishthan in 1993 to support underprivileged and needy students. In 1995, he began his career as a graduate trainee engineer at Telco (now Tata Motors). His non-profit organization today assists rural children in finding employment and a means of subsistence.

Solid waste management, integrated facility management, emergency response services, and special projects constitute BVG India’s main service areas. What was once a little sapling has grown into a big tree with deeper roots and a wider spread. Under the direction, vision, and leadership of Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad, BVG India has grown to encompass 25 states and 110 cities in India today.


The company offers facilities management services. It includes housekeeping, shop floor cleaning, landscaping, paint shop maintenance, electrical and mechanical, pest control, solid waste management, civil engineering, gardening & landscaping, and road sweeping, and attendant services.

Key Services

Integrated Facility Management Services- BVG offers comprehensive property management services and guarantees constant upkeep of your building and grounds.

Response to Emergency Services-BVG uses technology and our knowledge to guarantee quick emergency responses to minimize damage and save lives.

Renewable Energy- BVG’s mission is to develop and support clean energy projects globally by offering complete turnkey solutions and the most effective solar controllers while concentrating on the most cutting-edge technological advancements in this field.

Solid trash Management– BVG collects, transports, treats, and manages trash using the newest equipment and technologies.

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