Rushil Decor Ltd Company Profile & Other Details

Since 1993, Rushil Decor Ltd. has been a key player in India’s laminate and MDF panel boards industry. Operating in 51 countries globally, the company is the favored partner for customers worldwide. Their commitment to excellence and a passion for blending expertise with artistic designs drive their success.

Rushil Decor

Rushil Decor Ltd Company Details

Origin Country India
Established year 1993
Company founder/chairman Krupa Thakkar
Company headquarters Ahmedabad
Product/Services Decor

Global Presence

With a footprint extending to around 51 countries, Rushil Decor has positioned itself as a significant player on the global stage. The company’s reach in the laminate and MDF industry reflects its influence and acceptance across diverse markets.

Product Portfolio

Rushil Decor’s expertise lies in a broad product portfolio, including laminates, MDF boards, HDFWR (High-Density Fiber Water Resistant) boards, pre-laminated decorative MDF boards, and PVC boards under the VIR brand. The company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive range showcases its dedication to meeting diverse customer needs.

Commitment to Excellence

The company is defined by its unwavering commitment to excellence. This dedication is reflected in its product offerings and the robust after-sales service network, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Design and Experience Focus

Rushil Decor aspires to create a deep emotional connection with customers through designs and experiences. The company is mindful of its target audience, aiming to craft total experiences that resonate with its customers’ preferences and aspirations.

Diverse Product Range

Rushil Decor’s facilities can manufacture multiple product ranges, optimize resources, and reduce overheads. The strategic location of these facilities provides a competitive advantage in raw material sourcing, manufacturing, and labor costs. This enables Rushil Decor to meet both Indian and global market demands efficiently.

In summary, Rushil Decor Ltd. is a dynamic and globally recognized entity in the interior decor industry. Its commitment to excellence, diverse product offerings, and sustainable practices position it as a leader in shaping spaces and experiences worldwide.

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