ONGC Company Profile & Other Details

ONGC, or Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, is India’s top energy company. Since 1956, it has explored, produced, and refined oil and natural gas. ONGC is a key player globally, making a big impact on India’s energy security and progress.


Ongc Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 1956
Company CEO Arun Kumar Singh
Company Head Office Delhi, India
Product of Ongc Petroleum
Company Founder Government of India
Parent company Hindustan Petroleum
Number of Employees 25,993
Official Website

The company operates across the hydrocarbon value chain, encompassing exploration, drilling, production, and downstream activities. ONGC’s exploration wing diligently searches for potential oil and gas reserves both within India and overseas, utilizing advanced technologies and expertise to identify promising sites for extraction.

With a diverse portfolio, ONGC boasts many operational fields across various geographic locations, including onshore and offshore sites. Its relentless pursuit of innovation and technological advancement has propelled it to harness unconventional sources like shale gas and deepwater exploration, fostering energy diversification.

ONGC’s commitment to sustainable development is evident through its adopting environmentally friendly practices. It prioritizes safety, environmental preservation, and community welfare in all facets of its functioning, aligning with global best practices.

The company’s refining and marketing ventures encompass multiple facilities, catering to diverse products such as petroleum, natural gas, petrochemicals, and more. These endeavors contribute significantly to India’s energy demands, offering products that power various sectors of the economy.

ONGC’s Global Presence

ONGC’s global presence extends beyond Indian borders through collaborations, partnerships, and acquisitions, fostering international cooperation in the energy sector. Such strategic alliances enable it to access newer markets, technologies, and expertise, further solidifying its position in the global energy landscape. Furthermore, ONGC’s social responsibility initiatives encompass various developmental programs, focusing on education, healthcare, and community welfare, aiming to uplift and empower local communities near its operational areas.

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