Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Company Profile & Other Details

SPIC Limited is a major fertilizer maker in India, located in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. It has significantly contributed to India’s farming, founded as a partnership between Dr. M A Chidambaram and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Limited (TIDCO).


SPIC Company Details

Origin Country India
Established year 1969
Company founder/chairman Dr M A Chidambaram
Company headquarters Chennai
Product/Services Agricultural powerhouse

Visionary Establishment

SPIC, envisioned to enhance agricultural output, was one of the earliest units set up in the country. Its inception aimed at producing high-quality fertilizers, fostering a vision to improve agricultural productivity significantly.

Production Capacity

The colossal fertilizer complex at SPIC has a remarkable production capacity of 6.2 lakh tons of Neem Coated Urea. This underscores SPIC’s commitment to delivering high-quality fertilizers that play a vital role in enriching the soil throughout the agricultural cycle.

Farmers’ Trusted Companion

SPIC has become a household name in the farming community. The company’s products consistently enrich the soil, promoting maximum nutrient use efficiency. This sustains soil health and serves as an environmentally friendly catalyst, boosting productivity to meet the nation’s food demand.

Golden Jubilee Celebration

SPIC proudly commemorates 50 years of dedicated service to agriculture. This milestone signifies the company’s enduring commitment to excellence and innovation in agriculture.

Human Capital

Recognizing the significance of its workforce, SPIC places a strong emphasis on human capital. The company believes that employees are partners in growth. Through well-defined policies, SPIC ensures a work culture where every employee contributes to the collective journey of growth and success.

In essence, SPIC Limited is not just a fertilizer manufacturing unit; it’s a symbol of sustained dedication to agriculture. With a rich legacy, commitment to quality, and a focus on employee well-being, SPIC continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing India’s agricultural prosperity for the past 50 years.

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