Top 10 Leading Smart Meter Manufacturers In India

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The Indian energy sector has become more mature in the recent years with their new technological advancements and marked transformations. Specially in case of the smart meters, the Indian states are taking new steps for installing them to house to house. The smart meter happens to be the device with which one can measure the electrical consumptions. The other utilities of the smart meter is determining the voltage levels, power factors etc. with the AMR technology, the smart meters are truly smart. These are the devices that will offer the best energy measurements in all situations. So far creating an energy efficient country is concerned, the smart meters are bound to offer great contributions. As of 2024, a number of companies are offering their Smart meters in the countries. Here are the top 10 that we have narrowed down to.

Top Smart Meter Manufacturers In India

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1. Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd:

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd. is a significant Indian energy management and automation firm. With cutting-edge technology, the company has satisfied India’s diverse smart metering needs. Schneider Electric India dominates smart meter production with its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Since 1995, Schneider Electric India has offered energy savings, power quality improvement, automation, and monitoring. The company is a leading Indian smart electric meter manufacturer. Schneider Electric India provides technical training on energy-efficient industrial and commercial product innovation. Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd, founded in 1995, is a global leader in smart metering systems via innovation, sustainability, and technical expertise.

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2. Melange Systems Pvt Ltd:

Melange Systems Pvt Ltd is a leading smart metering provider with trustworthy solutions. Superior quality and customer service define the advanced metering infrastructure organization. Research and development-focused Melange Systems dominates India’s smart meter output as of 2024. Melange Systems makes high-quality energy meters. The company provides high-quality solutions with low-power RF modules in single-end devices that use head-end system software to manage the database system. Melange Systems builds wireless low-data-rate network clusters that readily connect to backhaul systems for efficient data delivery. Melange Systems Pvt Ltd pioneers smart metering via quality, customer satisfaction, and proactive R&D. As of 2024, the company sets the standard for smart meters in India.

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3. BEST Smart Metering Ltd:

BEST Smart Metering Ltd. competes in India’s fast-growing smart meter sector. Its end-to-end smart metering solutions give accurate data and simple communication. BEST Smart Metering Ltd.’s customer-centric strategy and technological commitment enable India create an intelligent and sustainable energy environment. Since 2022, Gujarat-based BEST Smart Metering Ltd. has deployed pre-paid smart meters without operator involvement as a subsidiary of Adani Transmission. Pre-paid smart meters improve cost management and savings due to user ease, late charge freedom, and rapid energy consumption data availability. BEST Smart Metering Ltd. prioritizes pre-paid smart meters for ease and cost savings. By streamlining payments and providing quick consumption statistics, the company encourages resource conservation and energy efficiency.

4. Larsen & Toubro Ltd:

Technically adept Larsen & Toubro (L&T) joins smart metering. L&T uses its knowledge and technology to provide utilities and consumers new smart meter solutions. Its ingenuity and reliability make it India’s leading smart meter manufacturer. Smart meter pioneer L&T makes low-voltage switchgear and custom switchboards for the electricity, refinery, and petrochemical sectors in India. Our comprehensive range of meters exceeds industry standards, offering enterprises complete automation control. L&T helps organizations increase distribution with smart grid solutions employing digital sensors, contemporary communication networks, a power utility outage management system, and predictive analytics. L&T’s smart meters, the latest technology, automate and regulate many industries. The company’s technological creativity is shown by its innovative solutions. Beyond smart metering, L&T offers novel electrical and petrochemical solutions in India.

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5. Maven Systems Pvt Ltd:

India’s smart metering pioneer Maven Systems Pvt Ltd. provides bespoke solutions. Maven Systems’ innovative methodology and customized solutions have accelerated smart meter adoption across sectors. Real-time data analytics and smooth connection distinguish the smart meter manufacturer. IoT company Maven Systems makes autonomous lights, smart meters, remote construction monitoring, solar panels, and windmills. Maven Systems’ smart meters monitor 20,000 units, proving its impact. Wireless sub-metering for detailed meter data analysis is the company’s specialization. Maven Systems’ meters fit up to 500 wireless modules with a data concentrator, proving their commitment to full and creative solutions. Maven Systems’ IoT expertise extends beyond metering to many new efficiency and sustainability solutions. Advanced wireless sub-metering in Maven Systems’ smart meters change energy monitoring and show the company’s creativity.

6. Landis+Gyr Ltd:

Smart metering is an important business for Landis+Gyr Ltd. The company’s commitment to sustainability and wide range of smart grid technologies make it the best choice for utilities seeking reliable and innovative metering solutions. Landis+Gyr’s grid modernization plan supports India’s smarter, more efficient, and sustainable energy infrastructure. Swiss corporation Landis+Gyr deliberately developed its Global Research & Development Centre in India to enhance innovation and efficiency. The facility targets R-APDRP, ATC loss reduction, and smart grids to “manage energy effectively.” These activities show Landis+Gyr’s proactive assistance for India’s energy efficiency and grid resilience goals. Landis+Gyr’s IoT grid sensors and new meters benefit consumers and businesses. Remotely controlling high-power appliances using these meters simplifies energy monitoring and management, particularly during peak demand. In the changing energy environment, this technical innovation helps Landis+Gyr’s comprehensive and user-friendly energy management solutions.

7. Itron:

Itron is a major smart metering company in India. Itron develops innovative solutions for smart cities and sustainable energy. Indian energy revolution benefits from the company’s vast variety of smart metering devices. Smart meters, communication modules, and sensors from Itron allow energy efficiency and distribution system data capture. This whole line of products supports the company’s goal of automating processes and providing innovative energy, gas, and water solutions. Itron technologies increase energy and water management and resource usage. Itron’s sustainability has improved using InteliswSource water meters. Itron’s resource-efficient smart water meters show its devotion.

8. Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd:

Quality and innovation make Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. a leading Indian smart meter manufacturer. Urban and rural markets want our smart metering systems, helping the government’s power distribution efficiency initiatives countrywide. Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. dominates Indian smart metering with its vast reach and product variety. Multi-functional single-phase, three-phase, and CT energy meters with exceptional anti-tampering are Genus Power Infrastructures’ specialization. Metering, turnkey, and power backup or converter devices show the company’s creativity. Strategic diversification allows Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. to provide energy sector solutions beyond metering.

9. Siemens:

Siemens’ international leadership in electrification, automation, and digitization defines India’s smart metering. Industrial automation and energy management expertise are seen in the company’s smart metering systems, designed to meet utilities’ and consumers’ evolving needs. Smart meters from Siemens are among India’s best owing to their sustainability and creativity. Siemens smart meters transform commercial and household energy allocation. Standard M-bus and pulse output make these meters perfect for automation system development. Siemens has established industry standards for robust, dependable technology. Strategic partnerships like Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited have boosted Siemens. Siemens upgraded Delhi’s electricity infrastructure with around 20,000 meters. Siemens will deploy smart metering solutions globally via partnership.

10. Bentec Electricals & Electronics Pvt Ltd:

Bentec Electricals & Electronics Pvt Ltd’s unique contributions complete India’s smart meter manufacturing sector. Precision engineering and cost-effective technologies make the company a top choice for utilities implementing smart meters. Bentec Electricals & Electronics Pvt Ltd’s quality and customer service strengthen its smart meter market position in India. Bentec Electricals & Electronics Pvt Ltd, situated in Kolkata, produces KWH meters in different sizes and ranges. Smart meters, energy meters, switchgear, micro trips, MCB RCCB, wires, and cables are sold by the company. This comprehensive range from Bentec fulfills electrical and electronic industrial demands.


The use of the smart meters will negate the importance of a meter reader. Through the smart meter, all data regarding the energy consumption of the house will be done directly through these meters. Obviously these meters are the best options for having an energy efficient service, with the best energy measurement found.

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