Adani Transmission Company Profile & Other Details

Adani Energy Solutions Ltd., based in Ahmedabad, was originally known as Adani Transmission Ltd., a firm that transmits electricity. It is presently one of India’s biggest electricity transmission firms in the private sector. The company will have 12,200 circuit kilometers in operation as of July 2020, and over 3,200 circuit kilometers are being built at various phases.


Adani Transmission Company Details

Company Name Adani Transmission Limited
Origin Country India
Founded 2013
Chairman Gautam Adani
Managing Director & CEO Anil Sardana
Headquarters Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Products/Services Power Transmission and Distribution, Renewable Energy, Gas Distribution
Number of Employees Over 3,000 (as of 2022)
Official Website


Gautam Adani separated the ten-year-old transmission business from Adani Enterprises and created Adani Transmission in December 2015. When the firm was established, it took on the role of principal guardian for almost 3800 circuit kilometers of transmission lines that connected Mundra, Dehgam, Mohindergarh, Mundra, and Tirora-Warora. These lines originated at the Mundra Thermal Power Station. To represent its range of goods and services more accurately, the business changed its name to Adani Energy Solutions in July 2023.


Power is transmitted and distributed by the Adani Energy Solutions Ltd. (Adani Energy) firm. It manages, owns, and keeps extra-high voltage (EHV) substations and transmission lines.

Current ATL

According to ATL, the largest private transmission business today is AESL, which runs over 14,100 ckt km of transmission lines and about 20,400 MVA of power transformation capacity. In addition, AESL has set a lofty goal to build 20,000 circuit kilometers of transmission lines by 2022, utilizing both inorganic and organic growth prospects.

Businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible are essential to a flourishing society, according to AESL. First private company in India to complete 765 KV Transmission lines and Substations in the state of Maharashtra; the initial company to complete a typical π (Pi) shape tower at Sami substation with six phases Quad Moose strung on same beam; initial private company that utilized a pre-fabricated steel structure valve hall within India. ATL is the initial private player in the country’s power sector to obtain an international investment grade rating.

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