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LatentView Analytics is a top global analytics and decision sciences supplier, offering solutions that assist businesses in leveraging data to obtain a competitive edge and accelerate digital transformation. LatentView Analytics powers machine learning supports artificial intelligence initiatives and gives leading global companies a 360-degree view of the digital consumer.

These analytics solutions also help brands predict new revenue streams, foresee product trends and popularity, increase customer retention rates, optimize investment decisions, and transform unstructured data into an asset for their business.


Latent View Company Details

Latent View Company Profile Details
Company Name Latent View
Origin Country India
Established Year 2006
CEO Gopi Koteeswaran
Headquarters Chennai, India
Products and Services Business analytics, data engineering, marketing analytics, risk and compliance analytics, and supply chain analytic services.
Founders Venkat Vishvanathan


Number of Employees 501-1k (Indian employees)
Official Website


Digital analytics is the business of Latentview Analytics Corporation. LatentView caters to business services industry sectors in the B2B and SaaS domains. The company offers analytics services for supply chains, risk and compliance, business, marketing, and data engineering. Latentview Analytics provides global customer service.

Leading the way in data analytics worldwide, LatentView Analytics implements optimization, end-to-end analytics strategy, and implementation for eminent Fortune 500 and comparable companies. They help businesses use data to thrive in the digital age by utilizing the power of technology and analytics and our alliances with top players in the cloud, data engineering, data visualization, and customer data platforms domains.

This distinguishes us from traditional pure-play analytics firms concentrating solely on analytics delivery or strategy. Since its founding, LatentView has leveraged data to create a comprehensive and long-lasting impact that has aided clients in gaining insightful business knowledge and propelling business expansion.

Brand Vision

Leading worldwide pure-play data analytics provider LatentView Analytics has over 16 years of experience assisting businesses to thrive in a cutthroat market. They give your company the knowledge, resources, and understanding to boost marketing campaigns, quicken operational optimization, and successfully traverse the digital landscape.

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