Is Syska an Indian Company?

Syska is one such name that is pretty much the other meaning of trust when it comes to lighting solutions for regular home use. And if you are wondering whether or not Syska is an Indian company, we wanna let you know that Yes, it is an Indian company that started out back in 2012. If that seems intriguing enough to you, then you’ll be even more excited to learn about the backstory of Syska, and what is their current status in the Indian market. Let’s get down to it then. Shall we?

Highlights Of Syska Company Details:


Syska Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 2012
Syska Company Owner SSK Group
Syska Company Headquarters Delhi, India
Products Of Syska LED lighting solutions, LED bulbs, LED tube lights, power banks, dry irons, street lights, smartwatches, shavers, etc.
Syska Company Founders Balvant Parekh
Parent Company Of Syska SSK Group

The Syska Story

Back in the day, Syska wasn’t the big name we know now. Nope, they started as IST Ltd. Korea. Kind of catchy, right? But as times changed, so did they. They had this big dream of changing the whole game in the lighting scene of India. And for sure, they’ve come such a long way since then. Now, if we stroll down memory lane, it’s pretty clear that Syska’s rise to fame wasn’t just about them. It was also about India’s journey in lighting up brighter and smarter. And it is not that Syska is actually a very old brand, nah, it is just a decade-old brand that has been giving tough competition to some of the big names present in this particular market segment.

Syska In India

See, Syska LED is not just some random name in the world of lights. Nope. Syska is as Indian as it gets, standing tall and proud, and they’re making big waves and helping India shine even brighter. Now, if you’re anything like us and love that hands-on shopping feel, Syska got you covered. They’ve set up these super cool lounge stores. Imagine walking into a place where it’s all about making your home look and feel better. That’s right, you get to touch, feel, and see the magic of what Syska offers. It’s all about getting that firsthand experience of their top-notch stuff, and trust us, it’s worth a visit! And along with that, Syska has collaborated with many sellers across the country to deliver their lighting solutions, personal care appliances, accessories, and even home appliances to customers all over India.

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