Is Kent an Indian Company?

If you live in India then you probably have heard the “Kent Deta Hai Sabse Shuddh Paani” tagline floating around. Right? Well, for some of you, that might be a little nostalgic because at one point, Kent used to run those super relatable and nostalgic TV ads, and that’s how they got recognized all across the country. As of now, Kent is the biggest RO system brand in India. And if that has got you thinking whether or not this brand originated from India, then we wanna let you know that Yes, Kent is an Indian company that started out way back in 1999. Let’s get to learn a little more about this fascinating brand, ready? Here we go.

Highlights Of Kent Company Details:


Kent Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 1999
Kent Company Owner N/A
Kent Company Headquarters Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Products Of Kent Consumer Durables, and Healthcare
Kent Company Founders Mahesh Gupta
Parent Company Of Kent N/A

The Kent Story

Yep, Kent is that brand we often link with clean drinking water. Guess where it all began? Right in the lively city of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The year was 1999, and the man behind the magic was none other than Dr. Mahesh Gupta. He dreamt of a time when every home could pour a glass of pure, safe water. That’s exactly what he was up to. See, many spots in India had a big problem with water being, well, not too clean. Dr. Gupta saw this and thought, “Why not bring this cool thing called Reverse Osmosis (or RO for short) to India?” It’s a nifty tech that can fish out even the tiniest bad stuff from water. So, in 1999, from Noida, Kent kicked off and brought this awesome RO tech to our doorsteps. But yeah, over time, they’ve added all sorts of health-focused goodies to their lineup, like air purifiers and more.

From India to the World

You know, Kent started right here in India, but now it is more like a tree whose branches are reaching out everywhere! They’re shipping their amazing products all over the place, from our neighboring SAARC countries to places like the Middle East, Africa, even Asia, and Europe. And about 15% of their total sales will come just from exports. And, oh! Speaking of cool, Kent’s hard work hasn’t just been sitting in the shadows. Back in 2007, they got this awesome Golden Peacock Eco Innovation Award. Why, though? For their super smart water purifying tech, which, by the way, is also helping our environment.

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