10 Franchise Business Under 5 Lakh Rs. in India

Let’s say you have about 5 lakh rupees sitting pretty in your bank account, and now you’re thinking of putting that green stuff to some good use, possibly making some profits in the long run. If that’s the case, many of you’d think of starting a business of your own, but that path is super tricky and full of financial risks, but what if we told you that you can start a business and get profitable in no time? Well, that’s pretty much the case with franchise businesses, where you just pay a brand to own their franchise in your area, and once you’re all set, you’ll start seeing sales right away because of the reputation of the brand or company. And today is the day when we’ll be talking about the top 10 franchise business ideas under 5 lakh rupees in India as of 2024. So yeah, let’s get to it right away then, shall we?

Business Under 5 Lakh Rs. in India

1. Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise

Chai Kulhad Bar

Now, imagine stepping back into the cozy corners of tradition with a hot kulhad chai in hand. That’s exactly what Chai Kulhad Bar is all about. Started by Vishal Parmar in the rollercoaster year of 2020, this franchise has zoomed its way into the hearts and pockets of the entrepreneurial crowd, with an investment that’s just a little under 5 lakhs. For just about Rs.3.8 lakhs, you’re not just buying into a business, you’re reviving a slice of culture with that Kulhad-style chai that every chai lover would absolutely fall in love with. That’s right, with a minimal franchise fee of Rs.1.5 lakh and the rest covering the snug kiosk setup, you’re all set. Plus, with an 80-20 revenue split favoring you, the franchisee, you could be laughing all the way to the bank in no more than a month’s time. Talk about a quick brew to success!

2. LaunSmart Franchise

Now, here’s a spin for you, LaunSmart, weaving the fabric of convenience with a modern twist on laundry services right here in India, especially in urban parts of the country. With a clean investment of Rs. 4 lakhs covering the whole thing, like franchise fees and setup costs, you’re all set to cleanse the market with this fresh take. It’s the perfect fit for the hustle and bustle of urban living, offering a seamless blend of traditional services and super convenient online booking. For those itching to break into a service industry bubbling with growth potential, LaunSmart is your ticket.

3. Amul Ice Cream Franchise

The Amul Ice Cream

Oh, Amul, the childhood sweetheart of dairy, brings you an ice cream franchise that’s as sweet on the investment as it is on the palette. With an initial dip as low as Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000 for franchise rights, and a total setup cost that won’t go over Rs.5 lakhs, it’s a deal that’s hard to melt away, you know? What’s cooler is that you, the franchisee, get to cream off (by that, we mean profits, big profits actually) about 90% of the revenue. Partnering with Amul company means scooping up profits with a brand that’s loved across lengths of the country. Fast returns? You bet, often within just half a year.

4. SastaSundar Franchise

In the bustling online pharmacy scene, SastaSundar stands out with its health-first mantra, offering a franchise model that’s as easy on the pocket as it is on health. With an investment range starting from Rs.50,000 to Rs.2 lakhs, this franchise brings the pharmacy to your doorstep, or rather, lets you bring it to others, you know? It’s a venture that not only promises returns but also serves the noble cause of making healthcare accessible and affordable. Jumping on the SastaSundar wagon means you’re in for a ride towards a healthier tomorrow.

5. Delhivery Franchise

And then, we have Delhivery, the absolute giant of logistics, paving your path into the e-commerce revolution with an investment that’s shy of 5 lakhs. This package (pun intended) includes everything from the franchise fee to setup costs, launching you straight into the heart of India’s delivery dynamics. Delhivery’s network is your playground, offering a business model that’s as robust as it is rewarding. For those with an eye on the ever-expanding horizon of e-commerce, Delhivery is your compass.

6. TATA 1mg Franchise

Now, imagine stepping into the digital healthcare scene with a name that resonates with trust across India, and yes, we’re talking about the TATA 1mg franchise. It’s like hitting the jackpot with an initial throw-in as low as ₹15,000! This gem from the Tata family not only gets you into the online pharmacy and consultation game but does so with a minimal dent in your wallet. Can you even imagine opening a pharmacy or consultation business with a super low onboarding fee of just 15k rupees? With TATA 1mg, you’re not just opening a business though, you’re launching a digital health revolution right from your living room. It’s the perfect match for those itching to get a slice of the booming digital healthcare pie.

7. Shadowfax Franchise

Next up is Shadowfax, the superbrand of the logistics and delivery scene right here in the country, especially in the more urban parts of India, you know? With an investment sweet spot of Rs.2 to 3 lakhs, you’re not just buying into a franchise, nah, you’re actually plugging into the fast-paced world of e-commerce deliveries, which are literally happening everywhere around you. And with this franchise option under 5 lakh rupees, you are kinda getting a ticket to the express lane of the delivery business, with a side order of cutting-edge tech and a network that spans the length and breadth of India. Whether it’s munchies or gadgets people are ordering, you’ll be the one bringing joy (and parcels) to their doorsteps.

8. Roll Singh Franchise

Craving a slice of India’s booming fast-food scene? Roll Singh rolls right into this craving with an investment that’s as palatable as their mouth-watering rolls. With just Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh upfront, you’re not just opening a roll joint, you’re spinning a fast-food fairy tale in the heart of urban India. Wondering about the best part though? Well, they practically give away 100% of the revenue! It’s like having your cake (or roll, in this case) and eating it too, with a side of profits rolling in, fast and furious.

9. What a Sandwich Franchise

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich, right? ‘What a Sandwich’ offers you a chance to be the sandwich superstar of your neighborhood, with an investment that’s a small bite out of your savings, just around Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.3 lakhs. This isn’t just about slapping some mayo on bread while eating that sandwich of yours you know, it’s more about becoming part of a brand that’s been crafting sandwich masterpieces for over a decade now. With a menu that’s as varied as India’s dialects and a revenue-sharing model that’s pretty much the best part, you’ll be in the green in no time.

10. Motilal Oswal Franchise

And now, for those with a knack for numbers and a passion for finance, the Motilal Oswal franchise is like a golden opportunity for sure, quite literally! With an investment range of Rs.1 lakh to Rs.3 lakhs, you’re stepping into the big leagues of stockbroking and wealth management. This kinda deal is only possible with a financial services player like Motilal Oswal, and nowhere else, especially in India. So yeah, it is pretty much safe to say that, this is your chance to become the financial professional of your area, offering sage advice and portfolio management services under a banner that’s synonymous with trust and excellence in the financial world.


Sure, there could be so many other franchise business options under a budget like 5 lakh rupees, but during our research, these ten were the ones to stand out and have a strong brand reputation backing them up. So yeah, pick any business from this list, learn about it thoroughly, and fill out that application form.

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