Is Amul an Indian Company?

AMUL, which stands for Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation, is a cooperative organization based in Anand, Gujarat, India. It is owned by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited, which is a part of the Gujarat government’s Department of Cooperation. This cooperative is run by 3.6 million milk producers.

The organization was started in 1946 by Tribhuvandas Kishibhai Patel, who continued to lead it until he retired in the 1970s. In 1949, he hired Verghese Kurien, originally as the general manager, to lead the cooperative’s technological and marketing initiatives. Following Patel’s passing in 1994, Kurien briefly assumed the role of chairman of Amul and is credited with the company’s successful marketing.

Amul sparked India’s “White Revolution,” making it the top producer of milk and dairy products in the world.


Amul as Top Milk Producer

India has become the world’s top milk producer because to the Amul Model. Over 16 million milk farmers supply the 185903 dairy cooperative societies spread across the nation with their milk.

Their milk is marketed after being pasteurized in 222 District Cooperative Milk Unions a better living for millions is ensured through 28 State Marketing Federations.

Thanks to the inspirational guidance of Tribhuvandas Patel, the founding Chairman, and the devoted professionalism of Dr. Verghese Kurien, who was given the responsibility of managing the dairy from 1950 onward, Amul rose from strength to strength.

Summarized Table

Question Answer
Is Amul an Indian Company? Yes, Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative society.
Headquarters Anand, Gujarat, India
Industry Dairy and dairy products
Founded 1946
Founders Tribhuvandas K. Patel and Verghese Kurien
Key Products Dairy products, including milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream
Cooperative Structure Amul is a cooperative of dairy farmers in Gujarat, India
Market Presence Amul is a well-known and trusted brand of dairy products in India
Dairy Revolution Known for the “White Revolution” and the cooperative model of dairy farming
International Impact Amul products are available in various countries and regions
Contribution to India Amul has played a significant role in India’s dairy industry and rural development


Yes, Amul is an Indian corporation located in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Farmers went on a milk strike in 1946 because they would not let a cartel intimidate them. They established their own cooperative, AMUL, Anand Milk Union Limited, in 1946 with the help of Sardar Patel’s vision and the leadership of people like Morarji Desai and Tribhuvandas Patel.

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