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With its headquarters located in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, the company has multiple products, markets, and locations. Flexituff Ventures International Limited produces textile items. Based in Dhar, India, Flexituff Ventures International Ltd. is a multi-market, multi-product, multi-location business. From being a top global FIBC major, the company has developed into a well-known Indian supplier of geosynthetics solutions.

With its specialized products, Flexituff meets the agro, infrastructure, and retail industry’s domain needs. Flexituff exports its goods to more than 60 countries through four production facilities in India, an entirely owned distribution company in the UK, and a global network of specialized warehouse supplies and technical services. With more than 7000 international workers, the company is a true multi-national Indian enterprise.

Flexituff International

Flexituff International Ltd Company Details

Company Name Flexituff International Ltd
Origin Country India
Founded 2003
Chairman Ashok Chaturvedi
Managing Director & CEO Samir Vasudeva
Headquarters Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Products/Services Bulk Packaging Solutions, Geosynthetics, Technical Textiles, Ground Cover Solutions, Flexi Tank Solutions
Number of Employees Not Available
Official Website www.flexituff.com


The company is fully vertically integrated and caters to several markets including technical, construction, packaging, transport, industrial, and agrotextile textiles. Flexituff Ventures International Ltd produces jumbo bags and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) made of polypropylene and high-density woven sacks.

In addition, the company manufactures polypropylene woven bags, ground covers, drippers, polymer compounds, and reverse printed biaxially oriented geotextile fabrics. Baffle bags, sift-proof bags, form-fitting liner bags, single-loop bags, builder bags/tunnel-lift, and sling bags are some of its bag varieties. Its goods are used by the infrastructure, agriculture, retail, and industrial sectors.

Along with creating and marketing sand-tubular geomattresses, the company also manufactures and sells woven and nonwoven geotextiles, flexicell products, and gravity-reinforced wall chains made of geocomposite geobags, interconnected chambers, and geotextile tubes. Additionally, the company produces and markets geofil mattresses, nonwoven geobags, dewatering geo tubes, and geocomposite megabags. Additionally, it exports its goods to about 55 nations. In September 2018, the business changed its name from Flexituff International Limited to Flexituff Ventures International Limited. Located in Pithampur, India, Flexituff Ventures International Limited was established in 1966.


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