Top Employee Monitoring Software in 2024

What comes to your mind when you hear about Employee Monitoring Software? Is it just like any other new technology business tool? Or does it specifically provide services to remote track employees and encourage business growth?

What you already know about some of the top employee monitoring software today may be all true. Anyhow, let’s have a quick gist of it here.

Employee monitoring software is not technically a new tool in the business market segment. However, it is still a powerful tool that can help optimize productivity, prevent security breaches, and ensure policy compliance for your business. However, not all monitoring software is created equal, nor does it work the same for different business categories. The wrong software can be inefficient, ineffective, and even invasive, creating a toxic work environment that undermines employee morale and trust. To achieve your goals while maintaining a safe and fair work environment optimally, you need to choose the right employee monitoring software.

Employee Monitoring

In 2024, the top employee monitoring software options continue to offer robust features that make them stand out from the competition. From real-time activity monitoring to automated time tracking, these tools are designed to help businesses of all sizes thrive. Since your need and demand for such software can vary from others, below are a few of the best and top employee monitoring software that focuses on particular aspects of businesses. So, have your pick.

Hubstaff: Best for Productivity Management

If your concern for the business lies around the productivity area, then Hubstaff might be the best option for you. This employee monitoring software can aid you in improving employees’ workflow and productivity. As Hubstaff is categorized as a top employee monitoring software with non-invasive features, you can easily track the worker’s time and user activity, leading to accurate payroll management. That is because time-tracking is one of the areas that this software focuses on to enhance productivity as a whole.

  • It tracks the employee’s keyboard and mouse activity levels to determine the worker’s activeness in real-time.
  • It captures screenshots at predetermined intervals to provideprovide a visual representation of how the employees are working. This helps managers makemake better, unbiased, and informed employee evaluations.
  • Even though Hubstaff emphasizes time-tracking in real-time, it ensures of privacy and security to keep employee morale and motivation intact.

At this point, Hubstaff provides a variety of plans to its users, including one free plan, three paid plans, and one customizable plan for enterprises. The minimum user limit for all the paid plans is two, even then, you can try out the software with its 14-day free trial.

Additionally, Hubstaff also offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. As for the customer service by the providers, they provide limited phone support yet an excellent email support.

Hubstaff will work best for you if you want to enhance your workers efficiency and productivity.

Insightful: Best for Employee Privacy

Insightful is the best employee monitoring software that stresses to create the perfect balance between monitoring employee activity and respecting their privacy. With the recent rebranding, Insightful has become the go-to solution for tracking employees’ productivity while also maintaining their privacy, making it an ideal choice for both remote and office workers and organizations.

What’s great about this software is that it offers both visible and stealth modes, allowing you to monitor both office and remorse workers home-office devices. Plus, with a range of plans and add-on features available, you can customize the software to suit your business needs. It’s productivity tracking features are top-notch, with real-time activity monitoring and app and website tracking. Plus, with productivity labeling, its not a hassle to assign activities as productive or unproductive in bulk.

Furthermore, all plans include live support services, ensuring that you have the help you need when you need it. With a free 7-day trial and affordable paid plans, this software is indeed an affordable pick.

Teramind: Best for Security and Protection

Do you happen to be looking for a highly secure and top employee monitoring software that can track various employee behaviors and provide real-time alerts? If so, we suggest you Teramind. Whether you’re working in-office or remotely, this software covers all your needs with its three plans – Starter, User Activity Monitoring (UAM), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

By using this monitoring software in your business, you can keep a close eye on a variety of employee behaviours. You can also block employees from attempting to engage in certain activities and record their device activities. And if you’re worried about user privacy, you can choose to record only when there is a violation.

But there are more – you will get an abundance of reports, policy management functions, and real-time alerts to ensure you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. If you need help determining whether Teramind is the right fit for you, you can test it out for free with their live demo. As for customer support, it offers support by phone, email, and live chat to ensure you have all the help you need.

With advanced features like sensitive content detection, Teramind is an ideal choice for businesses where security is the focus. However, this software has a user limit of at least five.

SentryPC: Best for Businesses on a Budget

Are you tired of constantly wondering what your employees are up to during work hours? Do you want to ensure that they remain productive and on-task? Look no further than SentryPC – the cloud-hosted monitoring software that offers affordable plans for small businesses on a budget.

It is a powerful software that helps you track and monitor employee activity on Mac, Windows, and Android devices. With extensive content filters and geofencing, you can set restrictions on apps, games, websites, chats, and keywords. It also tracks mouse movements, keyboard presses, clicks, and more, with IP addresses and even time stamps. You can take screenshots of employee user activity.

SentryPC offers affordable team monitoring plans. One license costs $69.95/year, and additional licenses cost $29.95 each. The largest plan allows up to 1,000 licenses for $9,995/year.

If you need help or have a question, you can contact their customer support online. Overall, SentryPC is affordable and feature-packed top employee monitoring software.

Interguard: Best for Remote Employees

If you’re seeking a top employee monitoring software that can help you improve your remote workforce productivity and ensure their safety, InterGuard is worth considering. With this software, you can track your employees’ online activities, including website and application usage, email, social media activity, print jobs, programs, files, keystrokes, and chats. You can even block your employees from harmful websites or unproductive programs and set up alerts to notify of any suspicious activities to help ensure your company’s security proactively.

InterGuard provides an intuitive dashboard with six varying view types to accommodate diverse users, and its outstanding real-time reports offer valuable insights into employees’ productivity. It is versatile and can monitor both mobile and computer devices, providing pan-device coverage. Plus, it comes with data loss prevention features, including data retrieval and endpoint lockdown, which allows retrieval of company data instantly and lock down a device if an employee leaves the company.

Although InterGuard limits minimum users of at least five and may be more expensive than its competitors, its comprehensive monitoring features make it a worthwhile investment for businesses of any size.


When selecting an employee monitoring software, it is vital to research and evaluate each option before making a decision. This will ensure that you select software that is right for your company and your employees. Remember to implement the software with transparency and respect for employees’ privacy. Consider features, pricing, and customer support to make an informed decision.

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