Navbharat Fertilizers Ltd Company Profile & Other Details

Navbharat Fertilizers Ltd specializes in creating special fertilizers to assist farmers in growing more robust and better crops. Their fertilizers act as superfoods for plants, providing essential nutrients for strong growth. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality fertilizers and supports farmers by offering guidance on the optimal usage for maximum benefit.

Navbharat Fertilizers

Navbharat Fertilizers Ltd Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 2005
Company CEO Sri GV Anjaneyulu
Company Head Office Hyderabad, India
Product Plant Growth Promoters, Vijaya 999 Organic Manure, Jeel 9 Organic Manure, Leader Bio Fertilizers,Micro Nutrients
Company Founder Sri GV Anjaneyulu
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 51-200
Official Website

In the dynamic field of agriculture, the company stays informed about industry trends and innovations. This adaptability allows them to incorporate the latest technologies into their manufacturing processes, ensuring their products align with evolving agricultural practices.

More Details About The Company:

Furthermore, Navbharat Fertilizers Ltd likely places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. The company is expected to integrate eco-friendly practices into its manufacturing and packaging processes, contributing to responsible and sustainable business practices. Navbharat Fertilizers Ltd is probably owned by a group of people who make important decisions for the company. They keep up with new ways of farming and use the latest technology to improve their fertilizers.

The company also cares about nature. They likely do things that don’t harm the environment too much, such as using eco-friendly methods in making and packing their fertilizers. Navbharat Fertilizers Ltd is a company that makes special fertilizers to help farmers grow more and better crops. They focus on making great products, helping farmers use them well, and caring about the environment.

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