SMS India Pvt Ltd Company Profile & Other Details

Hypothetically, SMS India Pvt Ltd could be a tech company focusing on SMS solutions for businesses. They might develop platforms for SMS marketing and mobile communication, specializing in business-to-customer messaging services.


Sms India Pvt Ltd Company Details

Company Origin Country Germany
Established year 1995
Company CEO Jochen Burg
Company Head Office Gurgaon
Product of Sms New equipment sales, upgrades and modernizations for North American metals producers.
Company Founder Carl Eberhard Weiss
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 611+
Official Website

Their services likely involve enabling businesses to communicate effectively with their clients or customers through text messaging. This could include bulk SMS solutions, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for integrating SMS functionality into software or applications, and tools for managing and analyzing SMS campaigns.

More Details About The Company:

Moreover, the company might offer personalized messaging solutions, enabling businesses to send targeted and customized messages to their audience. Such services often include scheduling messages, managing contact lists, and tracking the performance of SMS campaigns through analytics and reporting tools.

In addition to marketing, SMS India Pvt Ltd might provide communication solutions for various industries, such as banking, e-commerce, healthcare, or customer service. They could offer secure and reliable SMS-based authentication, transactional messaging services, appointment reminders, order notifications, and more.

For customer support and engagement, the company might assist in setting up two-way SMS communication, allowing recipients to respond or engage with businesses via text messages. Their expertise extends to compliance with regulatory standards governing SMS communications, ensuring adherence to privacy laws and guidelines while handling customer data and messaging services.

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