If you have ever used a pen in India, then you may have come across the Cello brand name. Right? Well, it’s kinda like the biggest and best pen brand in the country. And that’s not just a  new brand, nah, they’ve been around for quite a while now. If you are wondering whether or not it is an Indian company, then you’ll be glad to know that Cello actually is an Indian company that started out back in 1995. And if you are feeling quite intrigued about this brand, then keep on reading because we are about to cover the Cello story later in today’s post. Here we go.

The Cello Story


Did you know that Cello’s story started even before 1995? Yup, Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod’s family, the main folks behind the brand, have been with Cello since 1962. And over these long decades, this small venture grew and stretched its wings, adding more goodies to its name. Before you knew it, almost every home in India had a Cello product in it. But here’s where things got even more interesting. In 2015, Cello started a brand-new chapter. BIC, which is this massive global brand known for stationery and other cool stuff, took a look at Cello and collaborated with them right away. And just like that, BIC Cello (India) Pvt Ltd was born.

Highlights Of Cello Company Details:

Cello Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 1995
Cello Company Owner BIC Cello
Cello Company Headquarters Mumbai, India
Products Of Cello Pens, permanent markers, whiteboard markers, color markers, mechanical pencils, roller pens, fountain pens, etc.
Cello Company Founders G.D. Rathod
Parent Company Of Cello BIC Cello

Cello in the Indian Market

Did you know that literally every single day, there are over 5 million Cello pens being doodled with, written with, or just spun around fingers by students, office folks, and everyday people? But yup, Cello isn’t just an Indian sensation. You’ll find their products in shops across North America, Europe, Africa, and even parts of Asia and the Middle East too. And have you ever wondered why writing with a Cello feels so smooth, or why its ink just pops off the page? Well, it’s all about Cello’s dedication to digging deep, researching, and fine-tuning everything from the tips to the ink. Cello sure is famous in the country, and there is a reason for that. Right?

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