See, Zomato was the first company to pioneer the whole food delivery scene in the country, and that’s why it is so popular right now. Whenever you are in the mood to order some delicious food online, which food delivery company do you turn to? Well, most likely you choose Zomato, right? And in between all your delicious food deliveries, at some point, you may have thought about whether or not Zomato is an Indian company. Right? Well, of course, Zomato is an Indian company and it started out in the year 2008. And now, let’s get to know more about a few other facts and other details about Zomato. Ready for that? Let’s get to it then.

Highlights Of Zomato Company Details:


Zomato Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 2008
Zomato Company Owner Info Edge & Ant Group
Zomato Company Headquarters Gurugram, Haryana, India
Products Of Zomato Food delivery and Table reservation
Zomato Company Founders Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah
Parent Company Of Zomato N/A

Zomato’s Origin Story

Way back in 2008, Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, two bright minds from Bain & Company, came up with ‘FoodieBay’. Sounds different, right? Well, that’s because before the world knew them as Zomato, that’s who they were. The dream was simply to come up with a super user-friendly platform to make our hunt for the best restaurants a piece of cake. And by 2010, they thought, “Why limit ourselves?” and also wanted to dodge any mix-ups with big players like eBay. And voila! The name changed, and Zomato is what we got. Today, whenever we think of ordering food or checking out restaurant reviews, isn’t Zomato the first name that pops up in our heads?

What Zomato Has To Offer

Well, when most folks think about Zomato, they usually picture yummy food being delivered to their doorstep. But yeah, Zomato does a lot more than just that! Think of it like a big food diary that’s filled with loads of restaurant info, menus, and even thoughts from other food lovers just like you. So, if you’re planning a fun dinner night out and want to reserve a spot, Zomato’s got your back. Now, you might’ve also heard of Swiggy, right? They’re pretty big in the food delivery world too. But, the cool thing is, Zomato offers a whole bunch of other stuff that makes them unique. So, whether you’re looking to order in or dine out, Zomato’s there to help you out!

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