Is Campus an Indian Company?

When shopping for affordable yet durable footwear in the country, you may have come across the name Campus multiple times. Right? Well, that’s because Campus is actually an Indian company that has been getting a ton of love from Indian customers for providing the best of the best footwear, and that too, without breaking the bank. So yup, no doubt Campus is one of the top players in the footwear scene of the country. If you wanna know more about The Campus Story, then keep on reading because we are about to dive into just that. Here we go.

Highlights Of Campus Company Details:


Campus Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 2006
Campus Company Owner N/A
Campus Company Headquarters Mumbai, India
Products Of Campus Footwear


Campus Company Founders HK Agarwal
Parent Company Of Campus N/A

The Campus Story

See, when you think about shoes you can chill or play hard in Campus is pretty much the name that pops up everywhere in India. You stroll into any of the thousands (and we mean over 15,000!) of multi-brand stores around the country, and boom, there’s a good chance you’ll see Campus shoes shining right back at you. And if you’re someone like us who loves shopping from the comfort of your couch, you’ve probably spotted their stylish footwear on the top online shopping sites. But here’s something that might surprise you: Every year, more than 15 million pairs of these shoes find new feet to call home. Yup, you heard that right! If you fancy a more personal shopping experience, they’ve got over 35 exclusive stores where it’s all about Campus.

Campus Product Range

Whether you’re out for a jog, taking a casual stroll, or just out and about town, Campus has got something for everyone, guys, gals, and the kiddos too. And yup, when you slide into a pair of Campus shoes, it’s not just about having something on your feet. It’s about stepping into a world where quality meets style without breaking the bank. Each pair of Campus footwear is crafted with love and an eye for the little things. Because at the end of the day, with Campus, you’re not just buying shoes; you’re joining a family that values feeling good, looking fab, and saving a penny or two. And as a person shopping for footwear in India, that is exactly what you should be looking for, right?

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