Is Cadbury an Indian Company?

No, Cadbury is not an Indian company. Since 2010, Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods) has purchased the British multinational chocolate manufacturer Cadbury. After Mars, it is the second-largest candy brand in the world. As a Quaker who sold tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate, John Cadbury (1801-1889) established Cadbury in Birmingham, England, in 1824.

Since it originally established its first facility in Kolkata in 1893, Cadbury has had a long-standing presence in India. With a market share of over 65%, Cadbury India is currently a significant participant in the Indian candy industry. Cadbury 5 Star, Cadbury Dairy Milk, and Cadbury Perk are some of Cadbury’s most well-liked goods in India.

Due to its lengthy experience in India and its well-known name, Cadbury is frequently mistaken for an Indian business even though it is formally owned by an international corporation. Individuals of all ages in India like and may easily find Cadbury’s products.


About Cadbury

Cadbury is a British brand that produced milk chocolate that became popular by the name “Dairy Milk.” It was first made available in the UK in June 1905, and it currently comes in a variety of forms. After Mars, it is the second-biggest candy brand in the world. Greater London serves as the global headquarters for Cadbury, which has operations in more than 50 nations.

Cadbury is one of the biggest food and beverage firms in India in 2022, Cadbury India had revenue of over $2 billion. The business has several marketing initiatives that are especially geared toward the Indian market.

In Indian culture, Cadbury has a significant role. People of various ages love the company’s products, which are connected to noteworthy events like festivals and festivities. Indians have a strong fondness and trust for the Cadbury brand.

Summarized Table

Question Answer
Is Cadbury an Indian Company? No, Cadbury is not an Indian company.
Headquarters Uxbridge, London, United Kingdom
Industry Confectionery and chocolate manufacturing
Founded 1824 (as Cadbury)
Founder John Cadbury
Key Products Chocolate bars, candies, and other confectionery products
Ownership Cadbury is owned by Mondelez International, an American multinational food conglomerate
Global Presence Cadbury products are sold and popular worldwide
Historical Significance Known for its long history in chocolate and confectionery manufacturing
Manufacturing Locations Cadbury has manufacturing facilities in various countries
Market Focus Confectionery products and chocolates


Overall, Cadbury is a significant Indian business that is significantly contributing to the social and economic advancement of the nation. The business is dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility and is an authority in the confectionery sector.

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