Is Bata an Indian Company?

Now, you may have a strong feeling that Bata is an Indian company, and that’s because of how long it has been selling its products in the country with affordable pricing and top-notch quality. Right? Well, No, Bata is not an Indian company, it is actually a footwear and accessories company based in the Czech Republic. Can you even believe that? However, many people in India still think of it as an Indian company, and that’s why the sales of Bata are phenomenal. And if you care to learn more about how Bata started, how it became popular in India, and its current status, then keep on reading.

Highlights Of Bata Company Details:


Bata Company Is From Which Country Czech Republic
Established Year 1894
Bata Company Owner Bata family
Bata Company Headquarters Lausanne, Switzerland
Products Of Bata Footwear and accessories.
Bata Company Founders Tomáš Baťa, Antonín Bata, and Anna Bata.
Parent Company Of Bata N/A

The Humble Beginnings Of Bata

There is a charming little town named Zlín, tucked away in a place that used to be called Austria-Hungary. It was here, on 21 September 1894, that the story of the Bata Corporation finally began. The dreamers behind this big idea were three siblings, Tomáš Bata, his brother Antonín, and their sister Anna Baťová. With shoemaking running in their blood (after all, their family had been making shoes for ages!), they started their business adventure with the help of just ten hard working folks. Now, starting something new isn’t always a walk in the park, right? And they had their fair share of bumps and twists. But during a hot summer in 1895, Tomáš had a lightbulb moment. Instead of sticking to the usual leather for making shoes, he thought: why not try canvas? It was a bit out of the box, but this smart switch not only helped them save money at a tough time but also paved the way for the big things coming their way. Who knew that a simple change could lead to such an exciting journey?

Bata In India

You know, in India, almost everyone has heard of Bata shoes, right? Sandeep Kataria, who became the CEO of Bata India in 2017, really helped Bata shine even brighter here. Thanks to his great work, Bata in India did super well, and it even helped the Bata brand worldwide! And yeah, because of his awesome job here, he became the main leader of the whole global Bata family in December 2020!

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