Is Amazon An Indian Company?

When it comes to shopping online in India, Amazon is for sure a name that pops right into everyone’s mind. Right? Well, that’s because as of 2023, Amazon is by far the biggest e-commerce platform and online marketplace in the country. But at some point in your online shopping journey, you may have thought whether or not Amazon is an Indian company, right?

Well, the short and sweet answer to that is: No, Amazon is not an Indian company. It is actually a USA-based company that started out in 1994. And if you care to learn more about this company, and how it grew to this level, then keep on reading.


Highlights Of Amazon Company Details:

Amazon Company Is From Which Country USA
Established Year 1994
Amazon Company Owner Jeff Bezos
Amazon Company Headquarters Seattle, Washington, United States
Products Of Amazon, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Appstore, Amazon Luna, Amazon Music, Amazon Pay, Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Video, MGM+, Twitch, Ring, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Robotics.
Amazon Company Founders Jeff Bezos
Parent Company Of Amazon N/A

Amazon’s Start and How Big It Is Now

Did you know that Amazon began in a garage? Yep, way back on July 5, 1994, Jeff Bezos started Amazon in Bellevue, Washington, as a simple online bookshop. It’s hard to imagine, but from that small start, it grew into one of the world’s biggest companies. Today, Amazon is right up there with big names like Google, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft. But, it’s not just about books anymore. Amazon now sells almost everything you can think of, making it a sort of ‘One-Stop-Shop.’ And they don’t stop there! They own other cool companies like Twitch (for gamers), IMDb (for movie lovers), and even grocery stores like Whole Foods Market. So yeah, wherever you are in the world, Amazon’s presence is hard to miss!

Amazon’s Status in India

Even though it started in America, Amazon feels just like any other local company here in India. Amit Agarwal, a big name at Amazon India, once said that Amazon feels completely at home in India. This shows how much Amazon cares about and connects with our country. Amazon has also started many projects that aim to help local communities and businesses grow. With programs like Smbhav and Empowerment, they’re helping small shops, writers, and even their own tech users. All in all, whether you’re a shop owner wanting to reach more people, or just someone enjoying easy shopping from home, Amazon India is here for you.

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